I Can’t Love You In A Soft Poetic Way, But I Will Love You With All I’ve Got

Matheus Ferrero
Matheus Ferrero

I can’t love you in a poetic way because love with me will never be neat and soft. It will never be picturesque and filled with heart throbbing cliches. It will never appear flawless and perfect because I can’t love that way.

I’m not soft and poetic, I’m loud and messy, but I will love you with all I’ve got.

I won’t text you all day, but I’ll call you when I’m missing you just to hear your voice. I won’t sit on the couch all day with you and watch movies wrapped in your arms, but I’ll make plans for us to go out and adventure. I won’t cook you dinner, but I will make you a crazy amount of breakfast food because breakfast food is all that really matters in my eyes.

I don’t sleep like an angel and I don’t take cute pictures. I swear, I burp and I ugly cry because after all – I’m only human.

I’ll be committed to you, I will be honest with you and I’ll do the god damn best I can, but it won’t be soft and it surely won’t be poetic because that’s not how I love.

I’m not the picture perfect girl and I don’t want to try to be.

I’m loud, I laugh way too hard until the point of tears. I’m messy and will smoother you in love without a worry in the world about how it looks to the outside world. I’ll roll over in the morning with make up smeared under my eyes. I’ll kiss you good morning before I brush my teeth. I’ll joke around with you and challenge you to have chugging contests at tailgates. I’ll be your best friend and I’ll give you my whole heart.

I’ve never been one to do things quietly or softly. I’m full on, I’m all in and I don’t care what that looks like as long as we’re happy.

I’m real. I can’t pretend to be perfect, even if pictures, because I’m not perfect.

I’m a mess, to be completely honest, but I’m a happy mess.

I barely brush my hair, I still get acne and I bite my cuticles. I have flaws and so do you, but I will love you through them all because that’s what love is. It’s loving people through all their imperfections and still thinking they’re wonderful.

I will fall short sometimes when it comes to expectations. I will forget to call when I said I would once in a while. I will lose stuff, I will argue with you, I will push you to try new things. But I will always have your best interest at heart. I will always try to do what’s best for you and what’s best for the both of us.

I will love you in the most real way possible, through the ups and downs, good times and bad times, and all the messiness in between. 

I will love you loud and full on and purposefully because love with me will never be soft and poetic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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