20 Things That Make You More ‘Adult’ Than You Think

Kaboompics // Karolina
Kaboompics // Karolina

1. Doing your own laundry. No brainer, but I’ve heard stories of people who don’t know how to do laundry or simply don’t want to, so they just buy new clothes constantly because that makes way more sense (JK it doesn’t).

2. Living on your own and paying your own bills. Holla for taking care of yourself especially when you’re the one living in your house and driving your car – it only makes sense that you pay for them, right?

3. You talk about how much you miss being young and irresponsible but then you try to be young and irresponsible and realize just how happy you are that phase of your life is over. And you also realize just how hard it is to shut the bar down because you’re way too tired by 1 AM.

4. Not ghosting people. Oh yes, ghosting. Instead of just completely ignoring a person, it’s nice to actually let someone know what’s going on instead of bailing on them and leaving them in the dark.

5. Getting excited over potential investments. Nothing screams ‘adult’ like being giddy about a future investment, even if right now it’s just a plan or an idea, you being excited about it really tells ya something.

6. Being super into HGTV and homemake over shows. Remember when your mom used to watch this stuff and you’d sit there complaining about how ‘boring’ it was? Yeah, now you’re that boring adult who gets excited over counter tops and door knobs.

7. You now consider sleeping in around 8 AM. Lol. Remember when you used to sleep until the afternoon because you didn’t have any responsibilities?

8. You have a job. A real job! One were you’re supposed to put on half decent clothes and you make a real pay check to help you pay for all those happy hour drinks and food you grocery shop for.

9. You love your email and you’re always refreshing your inbox. Who would have thought emails could be so exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time?

10. You actually factor in your drinking habits now because hangovers take you at least a full day to recover from. I wish I was kidding. But I’m not.

11. You donate money to organizations because you can afford to do that and share part of your paycheck with foundations you care about who you truly feel are doing good for the world!

12. You consider things that will be good for your tax write offs. Well, because money.

13. You have a savings account. And there’s actually money in there, even if it’s not as big as you want it to be just yet, just keep stashing away little by little. Yay for budgeting!

14. You can book a real vacation and not stay in a cheap motel with a lousy breakfast bar and bedsheets that make you want to cringe. You can book a nice hotel with room service and order yourself drinks by the pool on a girls weekend get away.

15. Buying furniture makes you happy. Which it should because investing in a real bed instead of sleeping on one from goodwill is definitely worth getting excited about. Goodbye cheap college mattress, hello comfort and rest.

16. You feel content with not going out every Saturday – even if your friends are. You stop letting FOMO ruin your life because every night is basically the same! And it doesn’t require you to leave your house or put on pants.

17. Your interest in dating has completely changed. You no longer want the ‘bad boy’ but instead you’re after the man with a good job and a 401k so you know he’s got his shit straight.

18. When your conversations turn into political debates, loans and you asking things like “how’s your family doing?”

19. You actually start taking into consideration what goes into your body, because you know, your health is important.

20. You constantly still freak out and question what you’re doing with your life and if this is what being an adult is supposed to be like because you feel completely unprepared. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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