14 Things Your Single Ass Should Do This Valentine’s Day

God And Man
God And Man

1. Book a flight on Southwest (this is not sponsored by Southwest, I just happened to read the drink menu when I fly), they give you a free drink on Valentine’s day! Woo!

2. Eat pizza, a lot of pizza. Just dive on into your heart shaped pizza.

3. Buy your favorite bottle of alcohol and start pouring some rounds for you and your friends.

4. Go to the movies and see the new 50 Shades movie, nothing like being horny on a day that most single people are lonely or DTF.

5. Volunteer at a shelter!! Puppies!!

6. Go out to dinner at a new restaurant you’ve never been to before with your single friends to celebrate how awesome you are.

7. Put all your exes in a group message and see who misses you the most (JK, don’t do this!!).

8. Raid the grocery store candy isle and buy yourself all your favorite chocolates. And definitely splurge on the chocolate covered strawberries, you’re worth it.

9. Order yourself a bouquet of roses and a heart shaped balloon to arrive on Valentine’s Day so you can still feel loved because self-love is just as important!

10. Celebrate by making breakfast for dinner and invite all your closest single friends over to eat pancakes and drink mimosas when the sun is down.

11. Go to the mall and go shopping, get your nails done, your hair done, maybe a massage. Spend the day spoiling yourself to take your mind of whatever it keeps wandering to.

12. Go to a comedy show or stay home to have a marathon of the best stand up shows or watch your favorite comedy movies. Whatever you do, make sure you spend a lot of time laughing.

13. Send it spreading love to your fellow friends, single of not. Everyone enjoys hearing how important they are in someone’s life. Spend the night calling friends you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know you were thinking of them.

14. Do whatever you want! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be lonely, only if you allow it to be so spend the day doing whatever you want and remember it’s just one day. It will pass by faster than you know. TC mark

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