‘Shameless’ I’m BEGGING You To Bring Back Mickey In Season 8


Shameless is undeniably one of the best shows I have ever seen, it’s one that more than anything you wish you could be part of in a weird, fucked up kind of way. It’s a complete emotional rollercoaster, it makes you cringe, laugh, cry, feel empty and hopeful all at the same time.

Now the point of this isn’t to talk about how great the show is because that could last hours. The point of this is to talk about bringing Mickey (Noel Fisher) back to the show.

In Season 7 we got a brief shot of Mickey again and I don’t think I’m alone when I say that was the highlight of the season, and the last couple seasons since he left, to be totally honest.

The overall character development in Shameless is one of the most well-written masterpieces I’ve ever seen unfold in front of my eyes, and with that being said the relationship Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey had developed the best. I don’t think I’ve ever been as big of a fan of any TV couple than I am with them.

When I heard the rumor that Mickey was going to return to the show in Season 7 I was ecstatic, like over the moon thrilled with joy. I’ve never even been that excited about one of my own relationships. Ian and Mickey’s story is extremely heart-wrenching and emotional, and easily one of the best written same-sex relationships on TV. They went through hell and back to get to the point they were at before Mickey got sentenced to jail for 15 years at the end of Season 5.

Their relationship was highly dysfunctional as neither of them knew exactly what was in the best interest of each other, or even themselves. From the beginning Mickey had a hard time accepting he was gay and an even harder time coming out until Ian pressured him. Right after he came out was when Ian was hit with depression from his emerging bi-polar disorder. It took them four seasons to get to this point, years of us slowly falling in love with their characters as individuals, but especially as a couple.

Their relationship was rarely ever happy and it almost never made you feel good. They were predominately struggling with different parts of their own life or fighting with each other. It showed the struggle of young relationships with lots of confusion, insecurities and struggle. Ian and Mickey’s relationship was the only relationship on the show that felt like it could make it, it gave all of the viewers hope and it made us feel even more connected to them for finally reaching this point in their character development.

We got to watch Mickey grow so much throughout the seasons from a scared, selfish troubled boy to being the one to push Ian to get help with his bi-polar disorder and be the one who wanted to take care of him, love him and support him, even when he didn’t want to help himself.

When Season 5 ended and Ian was the one to break up with Mickey it was heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking. It felt like I was the one who was getting dumped. At this point there was nothing else you wanted to see than the characters finally be able to be happy, but all this building just got ripped out from underneath us. We barely had time to mourn the end of their wonderful relationship (or Mickey’s character) before the psycho bitch Sammi (Emily Bergl) started chasing down Mickey with a gun for attempting to kill her, which I might add is one of the smartest thing he’s ever done besides love Ian.

The only appearance of Mickey in Season 6 was when he was behind bars and Ian visited him. That was all the closure we got between the characters before we had to go through the rest of Season 6 and majority of Season 7 without Mickey.

Ian has since been dating other men, but honestly, I’m not a fan. No one can ever, or will ever, replace the love I have for Ian and Mickey. The Gallavich relationship is all I will ever want back. Ian and Trevor’s relationship feels forced and is rather unexciting, he needs Mickey.

When Mickey came back at the end of Season 7 I could have cried, I actually might have now that I’m thinking about it. How emotional I got over his return was not healthy, I will admit that. Mickey is easily one of the best characters on the show, watching his growth and personal acceptance and development with himself has been truly incredible.

When Ian went to meet Mickey for the first time since he escaped prison it made everything feel like it was right again. When Ian went all the way to the Mexico border with Mickey I wanted more than anything for him to go, but I understand why he didn’t because he’s finally in a good place in his life, but I strongly believe the best place in his life would be with Mickey now that they are older.

I am well aware that Mickey wasn’t even supposed to be a big part of the show but his character developed so well that he kept resigning. I am also aware that it was his decision to not resign on Season 6 because of his film career, but I am ~*begging*~ for you to bring him back in Season 8. I love them together more than I love Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and that’s saying a lot. I also definitely care way more about their relationship that I care about my own love life (I’m fine, I swear).

Basically, Shameless, I need their relationship to fit into the cliché “If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours.” I need them to discover they need each other forever and ever, and I need Mickey to come back, for my sanity (which yes, I understand makes me sound insane because it’s JUST a TV show).

You can’t ask for a better character relationship on film or in real life.

Please, Noel Fisher (Mickey), come back for Season 8. And please Shameless, find a way to bring Mickey and Ian back together. My life doesn’t feel complete with them apart. Until then, I’ll be watching YouTube clips of all their scenes together that some glorious humans put together (because everyone is OBSESSED with them). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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