It’s Time To Stop Taking Your Shitty Life Out On Other People

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We live in a world where people get pleasure from other people’s pain. You do it too. Even if you don’t think you do, you still do. Remember that one time something awfully embarrassing happened to your best friend and you thought for just a quick second, ‘I’m SO glad that didn’t happen to me’? Yeah, that’s pleasure from their pain. Here’s an embarrassing example from my own life. One time I was sitting on a glass table and it broke and I fell through it… in front of my ex. My friends busted into laughter, so did everyone else. I laughed it off before going outside to cry. Every single person in that room was thrilled it happened to me and not to them. Pleasure from my pain.

All it takes is a quick second of being glad it happened to someone else and that’s gaining something from their pain and misfortune because when something happens around you it’s impossible not to be thankful it didn’t happen to you.

We all do it once in a while, but most people do it more frequently than not. Most people do it to feel good about themselves and their shitty life. Most people do it because they’ve fallen so short of where they thought they’d be so instead of trying to move forward and get their lives back together they try to tear other people’s worlds apart.

We live in a world where people would rather secretly hope someone fails in order to make themselves look better because they can’t handle their ego being crushed. Your ego is probably the worst part about you. Your ego always has the be the best. Your ego has to compare your number of likes you on your Instagram picture to your sorority sisters because there’s no way Bella can have more likes than you. We let our ego torment and manipulate us. Our egos are so sensitive even the slightest thing can upset them and make you instantly feel like you’re not good enough.

So instead of just simply acknowledging that Bella got more likes we have to insist on pointing our the flaws in her photo, or maybe her caption. We have to say in our heads “well her teeth aren’t as white as mine and does no one see how bad her roots are?!?”

It’s pathetic.

When is enough enough? When will we stop getting pleasure from other people’s pain, when will we stop being so judgmental and hypocritical? When will we stop putting other people down in order to feel better? Does that even work? Do you really sleep better at night when you know you insulted someone just because they’re doing a little bit better in life?

Instead of criticizing what they’re doing why don’t you try to take care of your own shit before judging someone else’s?

Does publicly ‘roasting’ someone for their weaknesses and insecurities make you feel so much better about your insecurities of your life? Does laughing about something someone posted on their Facebook page make you feel that much better when you’re out to brunch with your friends because none of you want to talk about the problems in your own life? Does talking about how much ‘less’ someone is than you make you feel so superior because you can afford a new designer purse and they can barely afford food?

The worst part about all of this is that there is so much good in this world but it’s constantly over shadowed by all of this egotistic, petty bullshit that people can’t let go of. It’s the people who are still stuck in the same rut they’ve been living in their whole life, it’s the people who let life control them and they never take control of their own life, it’s the people who made one mistake and just continued to let life beat them up for it instead of fighting back. It’s all those people who are just constantly trying to fuck people over because their lives are so bad they need to convince other people that they are so much better than the next person.

The worst part is you actually start to believe the lies you feed yourself. You’re fully convinced that your life is so much better than other people’s, that you’re so much more superior than they are because of X, Y and Z. You put other down so much that you convince yourself you’re so great when you’re just ignoring the fact that you’re fucking miserable.

Why don’t you try lifting people up instead of tearing people down? Why don’t you insist to help someone out who’s struggling instead of laughing at them? Why don’t you defend someone who your friends have no business talking about? Why don’t you walk away from the pettiness that you’re surrounding yourself with?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the most of your life and situation. Someone is always going to be better than you, richer than you, cooler than you, prettier than you, it’s just the way life is. Everyone has different opinions and just because you’re not everyone’s favorite doesn’t mean you’ve failed at life. So stop with the degrading comments, those aren’t funny anymore. Stop pushing your fears and your egotistic beliefs on other people and just accept yourself for who you are.

Stop gaining pleasure from other people’s pain and start acknowledging the good you have in your life. Stop posting things for ‘likes’ in order to feel better about yourself. Stop letting hate drive you instead of love. Stop with the pettiness and start doing things that just make you happy. You can talk about other things are brunch than what you heard about Sara. It’s going to be fine. I swear. Just because you’re not where you wanted to be in life doesn’t mean you can’t get there now as long as you change your attitude and stop being a shitty person who takes their problems out on everyone else.

Buckle down and love yourself more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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