Don’t Let The Bullshit Hold You Back From Going After What You Really Want


The comfort zone is a great place; it’s where we feel safe, secure and loved.

Likewise, the comfort zone is also a great place to wither away and die. It’s where we think things like “what if I fail” or “what if I’m not good enough.” It’s where we settle. It’s where we survive.

The comfort zone doesn’t allow much room for growth; it limits your mind with imaginary boundaries you set in your head.

When you leave the imaginary boundaries you’ve set for yourself that’s when you find greatness and success. It’s when you discover who you really are and all that you want to be. It’s when you realize just how limitless the world really is and that you can do so much more than you thought you were capable of. When you leave the comfort zone it makes you realize just how wonderful it feels to actually be living than to just be alive.

You can keep working at your desk job your whole life but that won’t fulfill you in ways that Sue is being fulfilled for quitting that same boring desk job and starting her own company.

You will look at Sue and question her, you will wonder if she’s crazy, you’ll ask her if she’s thinking about her family and you’ll try your darnedest to instill your fear onto her. You will subconsciously, or maybe even consciously, try to make her feel more fear over what she’s doing because you don’t want to see her become successful while you held on to your job security.

The truth of the matter is Sue is scared out of her mind. She knows what she’s getting herself into and she doesn’t need your help to reassure herself that there is a possibility that she will fail and be left with nothing. But she also is willing to take that chance because it’s something that’s important to her.

She wants more than she’s getting by sitting in the same conference room, talking about the same people every day working some job for some guy that she doesn’t even like.

She’s making a change, she’s leaving her comfort zone and she’s going after what she really wants.

Making that change can be hard and scary. Along the way a lot will probably go wrong, but it’s sticking with it that you will find success. Life will most likely throw a lot of unnecessary shit your way in order to make you want to put your tail between your legs and beg your boss for your job back. But don’t. Don’t give up and run back if it’s what you really want, instead lunge forward and keep fighting through the obstacles in front of you. Life is only doing this to you to scare you, to see how serious you are about going after your dreams and creating a more fulfilling future.

It’s your bodies way of detoxing from the comfort zone. It’s preparing you to thrive in a world of hard work, passion and fulfillment.

Life and the people in your life who are scared as all hell of leaving the comfort zone will try to stop you. When people aren’t fond of something someone else in their life is doing they try to zone in on the negatives. They try to degrade what you’re doing in order to make themselves feel better about their shitty lives. Other people will say anything in order to make you feel guilty or scared about what you’re doing because change and growth scares the hell out of them.

Growth truly isn’t for everyone, which is fine, it’s why we have people who do work in cubicles. It’s not that their works isn’t important, it’s just not fulfilling for all. We need those people. But we also need those people who aren’t scared to go after what they want even if they fail a few times in the process. After all, failure is the best teacher.

There’s nothing cooler than going after what you really want in a world that tells you to follow the crowd. Stop at nothing if you really want to get where your head keeps wandering off to. It will be terrifying and a lot of people will call you crazy, but at least your life won’t be any more painful and unfulfilling than it is now eating your salads at the conference table every day at noon.

Don’t let fear hold you back, instead break through the imaginary limits you’ve set in your mind and get the hell out of the comfort zone because the only thing that’s truly holding you back from where you want to be right now is you.

Take the step forward towards what you really want and don’t look back, and swing like hell at all the curve balls life throws at you along the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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