To The Friends We Haven’t Talked To In Years Who Still Welcome Us Home

Brooklyn Morgan
Brooklyn Morgan

Thank you for still being there for me, even after all these years of being apart.

Life took us all in different directions, yet we still all wound up together back where it all began.

I know we could have talked more – we should have talked more – but life gets in the way. It’s a reality that we all hate to admit and one I always try to make disappear. No matter how hard I try though I just won’t be there through everything like I used to and we can’t help it, especially when we live hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

We can’t be there anymore every time one of us gets bored, we can’t be there every time one of us gets our heart broken or wants to go out. We miss out on things because that’s what happens as you grow up and as much as we might hate it, it’s unfortunately inevitable.

Life has changed for all of us since we were all together last. We all went through new experiences, we moved different places only to return back home, we got new jobs, felt new heart breaks and touched new souls in the process. Yet each time we returned to each other we found each other and every time we reconnect it feels like time froze and we’re right back to where we were before; it’s like we didn’t even skip a beat. It’s like nothing changed, there are no awkward hellos and everything just always seems to fall right into place, which is a truly amazing feeling.

We aren’t the same people we used to be when we were younger – we aren’t scrambling to find someone to buy us alcohol, we aren’t sleeping until the afternoon only to have no responsibilities to wake up for and we aren’t the same bitchy teenagers we used to be (thank God). Yet we still get along just as well or maybe even better. We know all about each others past, we know about each others childhood and our backgrounds. We have nothing to be ashamed of and we can all laugh about the old days together, while simultaneously making new memories all these years later.

We’re different now, but somehow things still work between us and I’m so thankful for that. Our relationships still continue to grow but only now they are stronger and more meaningful. Now we all have a better understanding of who we are as individuals and even though we are proud of our differences we still mesh just as well, maybe even better.

So thank you, thank you for always welcoming me back home with arms wide open. Thank you for the familiarities and the old jokes that seemingly never get old. Thank you for making coming home feel even better and not so lonely. Thank you for being there no matter how much time has passed since we last saw each other. That’s what makes life worth it, all the common connections with people who add so much value to our lives.

If you weren’t there to welcome me home my life wouldn’t be filled with as much love.

Thank you for sticking by my side throughout all these years apart, it only makes our connections stronger when we come back to each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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