If You Really Want 2017 To Be Your Year—Grab It By The Balls

Allegra Messina
Allegra Messina

Every new year everyone always talks about how it’s going to be their year. Of course, we all do this to feel good about ourselves, we say we’re going to make the changes we need to live our best lives and become the person we’ve always wanted to be.

We say this is the year we will lose the weight, quit the job we hate, find inner peace, drink more water, be more positive, whatever it is – we say this is it, this is the year.

And honestly, I hope it is your year, I hope you grab 2017 by the balls and get everything you want out of it. The only thing that’s been stopping you all those previous years is, in fact, you.

This year don’t stand in your own way. Take chances and risks. Decided that you’re done settling and you don’t need a safety net because you are confident enough in what you want and who you are to make it happen.

Make it the year you do lose those extra pounds, but if you don’t that’s also okay because those extra pounds are the late night ice cream dates you have with friends, they’re that second slice of pizza you just can’t resist – those extra couple pounds you can’t lose are who you are. They are every fun night out, every treat and every splurge, those things are who you are and that’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Make it the year you stop working some bullshit desk job where you take stock for paperclips. You are so much smarter that inventory spread sheets and it’s about time you realize it. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. Decide you’re done being someone’s bitch and truly step up to your potential – you owe that much to yourself.

Make it the year you travel. Stop waiting for the right time because if you’re constantly waiting for the perfect conditions when you don’t have as much work or you have more money you will never do it. And since I’m being honest I’d also like to let you in on a little secret, even if you’re not there the company will still go on without you and work will still be done. So, purchase a ticket and get on the plane! Don’t allow your fears to stand in your way any longer because the world is beautiful and it should be explored.

Make it the year you’re done settling for anything. No more shitty relationships, no more half-hearted loves, no more fake laughs around fake friends that you don’t even like. No more of any of that. Walk away from anything that drains you, anything that makes you unmotivated and become a person you’re not proud of.

Make it the year you live for YOU. Stop living for other people, stop trying to impress people who truly don’t care about you and stop living a life that someone else wants you to live. If it doesn’t make you happy, stop doing it. If it doesn’t ever make you feel alive, then why are you living it? If it doesn’t make you come home with a smile on your face because you feel like you’ve been accomplishing so much and heading in the right direction, what is the point?

You are capable of so much. You have so much inside you and this is your year, as long as you let it be. This year don’t settle, don’t allow mediocre to be as good as it gets. Grab life by the balls and give it your best shot.

No more settling, no more half-assed work, no more bullshit.

Make it your year, for real this time. Stop standing in your own way. Use your envy of others lives to motivate your own. Bail on the dude who doesn’t treat you like a priority all the time. Quit the desk job that leaves you feeling drained. 2017 can be your year and it should be!

It’s time to experience the best year of your life, as long as you allow yourself to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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