Even The Perpetually Single Girl Craves Love At Times


She’s used to being alone and on her own, it’s almost become her brand. She’s become the girl who doesn’t need anyone, the girl who’s happy on her own. Her friends envy her for being so strong; they question how she does it. They say they wish they could be like her.

She’s become the one who is strong for everyone; she’s become the one who people look up to because she’s so independent.

She’s good at being single, maybe even too good. She isn’t necessarily single because no one wants her, but she chooses to be alone instead. She feels more confident being alone because her freedom is her everything. She would feel lost without it, even though she’s aware a relationship doesn’t strip you of your independence. It would just be different and that isn’t something she isn’t ready to adjust to just yet.

She likes her life right now and she’s happy with where she’s at. She’s happy learning more about herself, she’s happy focusing on her friends and family, and she’s happy investing her time into her career, into something that fulfills her.

She has no problem sleeping alone, eating alone, spending time alone. She doesn’t look for someone who will walk home with from the bar and she doesn’t feel sorry for herself for being alone.

She knows she’s strong on her own and she knows what she’s capable of, but that doesn’t mean even the perpetually single girl doesn’t crave love every now and then.

She craves it from time to time, when the holidays come around and she’s all alone. She wishes she had someone to go to family gatherings with so she could avoid the questions about why she’s still single because no one seems to get it. She wants someone when her world feels like it’s falling apart because even the strongest people face hard times.

She’s the girl who is always there for everyone else, but wonders who will be there for her when she isn’t even there for herself.

Everyone needs someone to lean on from time to time, when things get messy and the world feels lonely. She’s just got used to fighting through the tough times on her own, but that doesn’t mean she always wants to.

Even the most independent people can feel lonely, they can feel lost and defeated because life truly isn’t meant to be lived alone. Life is meant to be shared with people you love and while she surely isn’t lacking love, she still is allowed to wish she had someone by her side sometimes to feel wanted and needed.

But she can’t have the best of both worlds; she can’t have someone there when it’s convenient for her because that’s not how love works and she knows that.

So she sticks by herself because that’s when she’s happiest most of the time. She closes off her heart because that way she can’t allow herself to get hurt, she can’t break her own heart by falling for someone she isn’t sure she even wants in her life.

She sticks to what she’s good at and what’s she’s good at is being alone. She started putting herself first and in turn she start becoming her own support system; she started becoming happiest this way and now it’s all she knows.

The perpetually single girl is just that – she’s the girl who’s always on her own but sometimes being alone all the time can get lonely, and even she craves love from time to time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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