11 Things Traveling Taught Me About Love


1. You can’t help who you love. You will come across people who are so not your “type” who you never would have imagined falling for, but you do because love has a funny way of showing you up and knocking you off your feet.

2. You will meet a lot of souls who are important to you. The thing with traveling is that you will meet multiple soulmates. You will find multiple people you connect with and fall for, and even though you will leave again you will always remember how important they were to you at that point in your life.

3. You learn to cherish the time you have when you’re together. You most likely won’t get that long together so you learn to really soak up every moment together. You learn to appreciate them for who they are and stay up the whole night until the sun comes up just because you want to spend every second you can with them.

4. You feel like you fall faster. Travel has a way to make us feel things we wouldn’t normally feel in day-to-day life because you’re in a distant location. You’re away from all the outside influences of normal life and you can simply just be with no worry. You can just be with each other and appreciate each other in the moments you have.

5. Things move faster. Things really don’t have an option to move slow because you don’t have that much time together. It feels like you can fall in love in a few days or weeks because most of the time that’s all you got. You do everything together because you’ve most likely got nothing else planned.

6. It taught me if it’s really meant to be it will. You can leave and go your separate ways but if someone is really important to you, you will find a way to make it work. You will talk all day and make plans to meet up again.

7. Likewise love might even make you drop your plans. It might make you spend $300 on a flight to go back the following week just because you don’t want to be away from them.

8. It taught me that flaws and differences don’t matter. You don’t care where a person comes from or how old they are or what race they are when you find someone you connect with. It’s like nothing else matters because you found a soul that meshes with yours and that’s something you don’t want to let go of. None of that other stuff matters because you feel the connection deep inside you.

9. It taught me that you can’t be scared of love. You can’t be scared because you don’t have the time to worry. You’re just thrown into a group of people, in a room with people and you meet them. You learn to open up and you share parts of yourself to these people. You don’t have time to be scared, you just are who you are. You just allow yourself to be you and you learn that’s enough.

10. It taught me that dates are nothing to get worked up over. If you want to get technical just yesterday I went on a date with a French man. We were in the same dorm and he asked me if I wanted to get lunch. We ate, we talked, we shared stories. After we went and got fruit, we walked around the town, we shopped and we walked back together. That for all purposes seems like it fits the criteria for a date to me. Back home I’d be nervous as hell if someone asked me to go on a date, but when you travel it’s nothing to get nervous about. I can sit at the same table drinking my morning coffee and talk to a guy who absolutely amazes me for hours and think nothing of it because it just comes naturally when there feels like there’s no pressure.

11. It taught me that love has no boundaries. I met an American woman who was a millionaire who left everything behind and fell in love with a Thai man and learned the language and is perfectly happy sleeping in the bedroom above the bar her husband built with his hands. Love knows no boundaries, it just is and that’s beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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