You Only ‘Deserve’ As Much Love As You’re Willing To Give


Deserve is an ugly word, I truly believe that.

But I also believe that everyone deserves someone to make them look forward to coming home to at the end of a long day and someone to make them look forward to tomorrow.

I do believe that everyone deserves love and to be loved back because love is what makes all edges of the world meet. Love is the one thing that brings people together, despite their differences.

But I also believe that you only deserve as much as you’re willing to give.

Relationships aren’t one sided, they can’t be.

One person can’t do all the work while the other person just reaps all the rewards from it. That isn’t a relationship, not a healthy one, anyway.

If you feel you deserve to be loved hard, you have to love hard back.

If you think you deserve to be treated like a priority at all times, then you better be prepared to reciprocate that to your partner. If you want honesty from your partner, you have to be honest back.

You only deserve as much as you’re willing to give.

You can’t expect everything while giving nothing in return.

There has to be balance, there has to be compromise from both partners and there has to be a shared understanding. There has to be an equal love for either of you to deserve the most out of each other.

One person can’t constantly be fighting harder than the other, one person can’t constantly be loving deeper and one person can’t be constantly giving more. One-sided relationships are never going to satisfy you and you don’t deserve a one-sided relationship. No one deserves a one-sided relationship because it isn’t fair to always give, give, give and never do anything in return.

You deserve someone who is going to put in the same amount of effort and work as you are.

You deserve someone who can love as deeply and as passionately as you, someone who can give you what you’re giving them, someone who can treat you like you treat them.

You deserve the world, but only if you’re willing to give the world, too.

I believe everyone deserves as much as they are willing to give, no more and no less. If you love with your whole heart and a burning passion then I believe you deserve that love in return, and I truly hope you find it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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