Sweet Girl, Please Don’t Settle For A Half-Hearted Love


Don’t settle for a love that leaves you feeling hollow and empty inside when you’re constantly giving pieces of yourself to him.

Don’t settle for a love that doesn’t fill you to the brim with passion and desire. Don’t settle for a love that isn’t balanced.

I know you love him, that’s why you stay. You stay because you want to believe there’s more to him. You want to bring out that side of him you saw when you first met. You want to be the one to crack the walls he’s built around his heart because you want him to let you all the way in, deeper than what he’s allowing you to know.

And maybe it is as deep as it goes, maybe what he’s giving you is all he can offer, but that shouldn’t be enough for you.

Some people love harder and deeper and that isn’t a bad thing. It simply means that you should be with someone who can love you equally as hard, you should be with someone who can love you equally as deep. You should be with someone who you feel satisfied with in every aspect because your hearts are compatible on a deeper level.

I think you know there’s more to love and relationships, sweet girl, because you’re smart.

Don’t settle for someone who can’t make your stomach fill with butterflies because you’re scared to be alone and you’re scared to live without him. It’s scary to walk away from someone you love, but sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes it’s necessary to head in a different direction, a more fulfilling direction.

Sometimes leaving is the best thing you can do for yourself.

You need someone who you can vibe with in a uplifting and positive way, you need someone who inspires you and drives you to do better and be better. You need someone who shares a similar outlook on life, sweet girl, and I know you can find it.

The hardest part is walking away – is knowing you can have more and you should have more. The hardest part is leaving and once you leave things will be even harder.

You’ll question everything, you’ll probably feel lost and alone, but you will start to heal on your own. You will find yourself and you will learn from your past. You’ll see things weren’t as good as you tried to convince yourself they were and you’ll feel whole on your own.

You’ll find passions and love in unfamiliar places and you will cross paths with someone who loves you so deeply, and you will realize just how much you deserve. You will experience the deep love you are currently craving, but not receiving.

All the love in his heart just might not be enough for you and that’s okay. Not everyone can love as wholly and deeply as you can.

Walking away from a half-hearted love is hard, sweet girl, but you deserve to feel like you are worth it because you are. TC mark

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