15 Men Explain In Their Own Words What Being A Good Boyfriend Means To Them


1. “It means you don’t complain when she drags you to something she’s passionate about that you couldn’t care less about.” – Paul, 28

2. “Being a good boyfriend means telling her you love her and meaning it. Never doing anything to jeopardize your relationship because it’s everything to you.” – Jack, 26

3. “It means listening to her when she talks and complains about her day, it means supporting her and wanting whats best for her, it means loving her unconditionally even if she gains some weight. It means you’re in it for her all the time.” – Lucas, 30

4. “That you do things you don’t particuallarly want to do because it makes her happy and trusting her.” – Nick, 27

5. “Never making big decisions without her and always making her feel included and wanted.” – Ryan, 23

6. “It means you love her even when things get hard; it’s fighting for her when part of you wants to give up and walk away.” – Chad, 31

7. “It’s taking care of her when she’s sick, but also making sure she’s always okay when she’s healthy.” – Ron, 27

8. “To me it means I put his happiness before my own because when he’s happy I’m happy, it’s easier that way.” – Tyler, 25

9. “Making her morning coffee every day because without it she wouldn’t be the woman I love.” – Niel, 28

10. “Being a good boyfriend is all about making sure your girl is happy. You got to make sure she’s happy in the morning when she’s going to work and when she gets home at night and in the bedroom. It’s all about keeping her happy all the time because when she isn’t happy, no one is.” – Sean, 26

11. “It means making sacrifices for her, it’s compromising on things you don’t want to budge on, but doing it because you love her.” – Caleb, 25

12. “Definitely supporting her at all times; making sure she knows you’re there and you love her. It’s giving her nothing to question me about or worry about because she’s too wonderful to be worried about anything.” – Jesse, 30

13. “It’s stopping a million times on a road trip so she can pee.” – Derek, 25

14. “Being a good boyfriend is all about letting her still be her own person. It’s not trying to control her or take away her independence, but letting her run free while still running by her side.” – Danny, 26

15. “It’s simple – it means you love her despite everything because you make a commitment to each other and you stick with it, no matter how hard it gets. As long as you have communication you can work through everything.” – Liam, 29 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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