12 Ways To Completely Ruin Your ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship

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FWB relationships aren’t for everyone and that’s totally understandable, but if you’re mature enough to handle a no strings attached, unemotional hook up relationship then all the power to you. Do you’re thing, but remember there are more than one-way to ruin your FWB relationship. If you don’t think you can avoid these things, then it’s probably best for you not to get involved in a FWB relationship.

1. By not respecting each other. Respect is the number one thing you need in a successful FWB relationship because without respect you’ve got nothing. In case you forgot the word friend is actually part of the term so you should still treat each other with respect, no just a hole to stick something in.

2. By allowing each other to sleep over. Sleepovers could be dancing with the danger zone. FWB relationships are supposed to be focused on hooking up without emotional attachments, so therefore staying the night is allowing feelings to develop that you wouldn’t want in a FWB relationship.

3. By buying each other things. You shouldn’t buy your FWB anything because from a girls perspective that gives most of us hope that you might want something more. If all you want is a physical relationship, don’t do anything for us outside of the physical stuff because once you start doing nice things for us it will start to make us question everything.

4. By going to lunch with her AND buying her food. This sounds a heck of a lot like a date to us, even if it’s just a drive through meal. Don’t ask her to go get lunch or dinner or breakfast if you broke the sleepover rule because it’s playing into building a more substantial relationship with memories, which creates an emotional connection.

5. By aiming to make each other jealous. You’re sleeping together, you’re not in an almost relationship trying to make each other jealous by grinding with someone else while simultaneously eye fucking the other person. You’re sleeping together. Don’t intentionally try to make each other jealous, that is just opening a can of drama you don’t want to get started on.

6. By reading deep into conversation. I’m not sure about guys simply because I’m not a guy, but girls have a funny way of reading into conversations and signals we think are there to try to suck everything we can out of it. So if all you’re after is FWB try your best to avoid giving compliments (outside of the bedroom, of course) and keep it causal so there’s no false hope stirring around.

7. By not talking about what you’re doing before hand. Nothing kills the vibe like not knowing what’s going on between the two of you. It’s insanely important to talk about it ahead of time. Do you care if you sleep with other people? What about dating other people? Are you going to talk about it if you do? There’s a whole massive conversation that’s just waiting to be had and if it isn’t had it can become messy.

8. By agreeing to be FWB with someone you have a crush one. This should be a no brainer, but even starting the relationship off with a small crush or a little ounce of hope that you could turn your FWB relationship into an actual relationship is only going to hurt you in the end. Just don’t do it, it’s going to end badly.

9. By not being honest with each other. This goes in every aspect, if you hate something they’re doing in bed tell them you don’t like it, or adjust them to do something you do enjoy. If it’s in life and they asked you to tell them if you start sleeping with someone else so you guys can put an end to your FWB relationship, tell them. Trust and honesty are everything in a relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is.

10. By not letting the other person go. There is an end to FWB relationships, if there wasn’t it would be a long-term relationship, but it’s not. It’s sex. You have to cut the ties before it gets complicated, but when one person decides enough is enough you have to let them walk away and not hold any hope that they will come back to you because once feelings get involved it’s no longer working the way you intended.

11. By only using each other as booty calls. No one likes to feel completely used, it’s not cool and it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. You can still talk and have conversation, still eat pizza before (or after) hooking up, still maintain some sort of relationship, but don’t let that relationship become full of deep conversation and comfort.

12. By not coming clean about your feelings. Feelings develop, we’re only human here. If you start to fall for the other person you need to admit it to them and let them no you can no longer do the whole FWB thing. You might be surprised that some chance they might feel the same way, or maybe they decided it’s best for you to go your separate ways. As long as you can be honest about it with yourself and the other person you’ll be alright.

Now, carry on and happy hooking up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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