Loving The Perpetually Single Girl Will Always Be Worth It


The perpetually single girl will love you differently than the other girls. She won’t dive head first into the relationship or balance you between the other potential guy who has interest in her.

That’s not the kind of person she is.

With the girl who is always single you might have to work a little harder because she’s got layers you’ll have to slowly pull back and inch your way between.

Loving her will be challenging at first because as much as she might like you she will still hold back because she’s been hurt one too many times. She’s knows what it feels like to get her hopes and expectations up only to be let down because she wasn’t “the one” for the last guy. He smooth talked his way into her life only to find out she wasn’t what he wanted and he left, and to be honest I don’t know if he ever actually planned on staying.

But if you’re serious about her and you care about her, stick it out. She will love you deeply and whole-heartedly if you can prove to her that you’re not leaving.

She just needs to have that trust between the two of you because as much as she wants to open her heart up to you from the start she’s scared because it’s never gone her way in the past, so be patient.

The girl who is always single isn’t lacking love; it’s just under wraps. She has felt loved and she still shares her heart, just not in a romantic way. She needs someone who will stick around long enough to help her find it in her heart to start tearing off the layers.

She needs someone who will lift her up instead of breaking her down, she needs someone who will stay when everyone else has left and she needs someone who will love her despite her walls.

She’s working on them, she’s working on slowly but surely taking her walls down little by little, but understand that it’s hard for her.

Her walls have become her safety and her comfort; they’ve become her identity without even realizing it. She tries to put herself out there, but she can only ever commit half-heartedly because of the walls inside of her.

She’s working on her and she’s improving herself day by day.

She just needs you to be patient and bear with her. She wants you in her life if she’s keeping you around she just has a slightly more reserved way to show it – mostly because she’s become completely reliant on herself and herself only. She knows you can help, but she’s also sure she can do it without you. It will take her time to adjust to asking you for help and even accepting it because she’s become so dependent on herself.

But just because she’s a little stubborn at first doesn’t mean you should stop trying because if you’re in the perpetually single girl’s life it’s because she wants you there.

She knows not to settle even though she’s been single for a long, long time.

Loving her will be challenging from time to time, she will open up and close down until she’s certain you’ll stay. When she commits to something she commits fully and whole-heartedly so please be kind with her already fragile heart.

The girl who’s always single won’t be easy to love, but she will be worth it because when she falls she falls hard and she will love you even harder.

Just please don’t break her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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