If He Does These 10 Things To You, He’s Not The Guy For You


1. Gets sketchy whenever you ask to see his phone. Even if it’s just to make a phone call or show someone a picture on his phone. He instantly starts getting difficult and insists on doing it himself, like he has something to hide. It’s a bit sketchy and it makes you wonder.

2. Acts defensive when you ask about his weekend. You’re totally fine if he does things without you, but he acts like you asking what his plans are is invading his privacy, again it makes you wonder.

3. Tells you something then changes his story. He will tell you a story about something simple like his day, then he will forget he told you or tell someone else and the story is different. It’s not the first time he’s done this, it makes you wonder how honest he is.

4. Calls you things like “stupid.” When he gets upset he starts to call you names, he wonder why you don’t trust him and makes you feel guilty about the situation even when it doesn’t have to do with you. He likes to belittle you to hold his power above you.

5. Gets mad when you don’t want to have sex. Sex is important, but it isn’t everything. There are other things you can do in your life that include leaving the house together or going on dates. But he makes unreasonable accusations when you’re not in the mood.

6. Treats your period like an inconvenience. Periods are natural, they’re a way of life and you should be able to talk about them. He makes you feel gross every month when you get it though, like he won’t touch you. He won’t buy you tampons because it’s “embarrassing” or he won’t get you chocolate when you’re craving it.

7. Doesn’t *ever* buy you things. When you think about it he doesn’t buy you anything. Relationships shouldn’t be about materials, but it still is important to surprise your S/O with a doughnut or candle or something simple every now and then, but you can’t remember the last time he ever got you anything. Let alone did something nice for you if he doesn’t have the money.

8. Talks poorly about your friends and family. He bashes your friends and family because he has no respect for them (and that sadly means he has no respect for you, either). He acts like being with them is an inconvenience or maybe he stopped coming around when they’re around all together.

9. Holds you to double standards. He’s the classic example of going out to get drunk and not thinking twice about asking you, but when you want to go out with your friends he blows up at you. It’s not okay.

10. Turns his mistakes into your mistakes. He might mess up, but somehow you still end up apologizing because he’s manipulative and turns everything into your fault, even when it isn’t. He makes you feel guilty, even when you started off mad at him. This isn’t healthy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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