I Crave A Love That Burns With Passion (And I Won’t Settle For Less)


I don’t want average, I’ve never wanted average.

I want a love that makes my heart pump like I just went for a run. I want to look at the person next to me and feel the blood start pumping through my chest because I’m so in love. I want to feel like I’ll never get enough of you because even forever seems too short for us.

I don’t want a routine, mediocre, everyday life with you. That’s not what I’m after.

I want adventure, and hard times, and passion, and challenges.

I want to jump out of a plane with you by my side screaming our heads off. I want to wander through countries we’ve never been to with no plan. I want to bungee jump off a cliff and ride the world’s fastest roller coaster. I want to do the most daring things with you by my side because I know you’ll be there supporting me and encouraging me to just do it when my anxiety levels are over the moon.

I want you to be there through the wild adventures because as much fun as they are alone, they are a hell of a lot more fun when you have the person you love by your side.

I want you through the hard times because lets face it, in life there is no way to avoid hard times. I want you there when it’s 2 AM and I’m crying myself to sleep because I’m so frustrated with life in general. I want you to be there telling me it’s all going to be okay, even if you’re not sure how. I want to be there for you through the loss of someone special to you and hold your hand when you feel like giving up. I want to help you create solutions to your problems so you don’t have to face them alone.

I want to be filled with so much passionate that the thought of you drives me insane. I want to make out with you in bars like we just met. I want to not be able to keep my hands off of you when we’re home alone and I want to love you like we’re never going to grow up.

I want to love you through the changes when we do grow and change. When careers change, when life changes, when we just grow as people because I want to make sure we grow together and not in our own separate ways.

I want to love you and I never want to stop, not even when we’re old. I still want to flirt with each other like we’re young.

I still want to encourage you to do the best you can and to push your limits because I believe it will only make you better and stronger.

I want early morning sex on the kitchen table when we should be getting ready for work. I want to play sick on Fridays and take a long weekend vacation with just the two of us. I want to create a project together and keep working at it until we finally are happy with the result. I want to get drunk on a Saturday night, just the two of us in the living room and watch comedies and eat pizza we got delivered.

I want to do everything with you, I want a burning passion and I want a best friend. I want someone who will stick around through the good times and bad; someone who doesn’t leave me guessing where things are going. I want the passion and all that comes along with it.

If you don’t want everything then I don’t want you, it’s simple.

I’m meant to love with my whole heart and if you can’t handle that then I think it’s safe to say you know where this is going.

No where.

I’ve got a heart full of love to share and I won’t settle for less than that.

It’s your choice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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