22 Things You Can Only Relate To If Your Best Friend Lives Worlds Away From You


1. You constantly text them the most random parts of your day because they can’t live without knowing that you walked into a glass door at Target.

2. You send them the ugliest Snapchats so they don’t forget your face and they need to see just how big the pimple on your chin is.

3. You spend time with your new friends but you just can’t help think how much more fun everything would be if they were there too.

4. You send them Tinder matches and ask for their advice so it’s like they’re still sitting next to you even though they’re stupidly far away.

5. You often think back to things you used together and laugh, then cry because you miss it.

6. You get angry when you think about how things will probably never be the same then you text them to talk about it.

7. You talk about how you want to just quit your jobs, travel the world and buy a house together and never be apart again.

8. You say an inside joke and no one around you understands because they’re not your best friend so they just stare blankly.

9. People get sick of listening to stories about the two of you, but you can’t help it. You just love them so much.

10. You can’t stand missing a minute of their life so your texts usually start off by saying something like, “tell me everything about your life!!!1!”

11. You tell them how much of a jerk the guy who broke her heart is and you hate him, even though you’ve never met him.

12. You go to them for all your life advice and decisions.

13. You go to them for pep talks when you feel like your life is falling apart without them, because lets be real, it is.

14. You’re constantly tagging them in tweets that remind you of them with the caption “lol so you!!”

15. You don’t understand why everyone isn’t as awesome as them.

16. You spend hours on the phone talking and never run out of things to say.

17. When you know you’re going to see each other you just constantly count down the days together.

18. And the reunion is just as magical.

19. But until then you probably send and receive a lot of messages that contain, “I miss you.”

20. You constantly try to convince them to move to where you are and vice versa.

21. You get overly emotional about them when you drink and probably cry about your college days.

22. You just really, really love and miss them, okay?? You just want everyone to understand how great they are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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