12 Men Reveal Why They Ghost After Sex (And If It Has Anything To Do With How Good You Are In Bed)

1. “Absolutely, yes. Sometimes there is just sex so bad that it instantly turns you off from ever wanting to be near her again.” – Caleb, 29

2. “I’ve never really thought of sex being the reason I ghosted her, but more so how she acts afterwards. If she’s all clingy and talking about future plans when we just met, I’m out. I can feel a stage five coming.” – Billy, 26


3. “I have to go with yes on this one, even if she is super hot and cool, if she’s bad in bed it just ruined all the images you had in your head and she turned out to be disappointing. You can’t go back from that.” – Nick, 24

4. “No, I usually ghost because we have nothing in common or she’s completely lost her mind. I don’t think you should ghost because of sex, you can teach someone moves in the bedroom, but you can’t teach someone personality.” – Timmy, 25

5. “Yeah, it does. You can’t continue to enjoy someone when you know just how awful they are in bed. This one chick chomped on my dick, no way in hell is she ever coming near me again.” – Patrick, 28

6. “I’ve actually never ghosted anyone before, but I’d say it wouldn’t lead to me ghosting, but then again I really am turned off by a girl who’s bad in bed.” – Luke, 25

7. “Yeah, if she was shit in bed there’s no way I want to have sex with her again. After sex there’s no excitement left, you’ve had it all so there’s no point in continuing to talk to her if she sucks.” – Doug, 30

8. “This is a tough question, I don’t think I’d ghost someone because they’re bad in bed, but I also haven’t experienced any sex that bad where it would make me not want to talk to her anymore. But when I do ghost it’s usually when there is just nothing there and she keeps trying to make something out of nothing, but that has nothing to do with sex.” – Aaron, 27

9. “Probably not, I usually ghost when I can tell the chick is way too invested like she’s talking about families and babies and that’s just not something I’m after right now. I can’t be part of that, especially when we just started talking it’s way too soon.” – Mike, 26

10. “If she has poor blow job skills or won’t even put my dick in her mouth after I’ve taken care of her then I’m sorry, but this isn’t going to work out ever. That’s not cool.” – Paul, 23

11. “No, I’m not a fan of ghosting, especially after sex because it makes her feel used and if I had enough interest to take her out and sleep with her I clearly had some interest in her. The bad at sex thing sucks, but we can work on it with practice, you know?” – Liam, 28

12. “I hate to be this guy, but yeah it does come into play. If she’s just average and the date was ok, but then she’s also bad in bed then no way I’m calling her back. Not worth my time.” – Domenic, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark