What It Means To Love The Perpetually Single Girl

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

It means she’s used to being on her own. It means for so long she’s only focused her energy into herself and her career and her happiness.

She’s been on her own for so long now she doesn’t even remember what it feels like to let someone in, to give her time to someone else.

A girl who’s perpetually single isn’t out casually dating, she isn’t after one night stands and she’s not waiting around for a guy to message her. A girl who’s perpetually single is out living her life, for herself. She isn’t reliant on anyone but herself and she actually started liking it that way.

Being single for so long has made her stronger and in that time she’s built up her walls, not so much to keep other’s out but as protection for herself.

She’s gone through a lot in her life and she’s always only had herself to fall back on.

She’s become comfortable on her own and that’s become her safety net. She has become so used to having to figure life out on her own that she’s nearly forgotten what it’s like to allow someone else in to take over tasks she’s managed so well.

She’s become accustomed to taking out the trash, tightening the leaky pipe under the sink and killing spiders, so when you try to come into her life and do those things for her it’s going to be a major change.

She’s been known as independent, self-sufficient and goal oriented, and her biggest fear is losing all those things to you, whether she’s willing to admit it or not.

She’s become cautious when it comes to guarding her heart maybe because it’s been broken and abused one too many times or maybe because she’s scared once she allows you fully in that you’ll do what every other guy in her life has done and leave.

She’s become more reserved and now that’s just part of who she is.

She knows a relationship doesn’t strip you of your independence but she also knows it means relying on someone else when she’s been so reliant on herself for so long.

To love a girl who’s perpetually single means that her opening her life up to someone is a big step, in fact, it’s a huge step. She’s built her life around her to fit her needs and her needs only. She never had to worry about planning for two, she never had to worry about checking in to see if a date fits in your schedule and she never had to worry about checking in with someone.

Adding another person to the equation when you’ve been so focused on yourself for so long is a giant leap.

Her letting you into her life changes everything and it’s just going to take her some time to get used to.

You have to understand her everyday routine will now change; her free time won’t all be spent doing what she wants and it will take her time to adjust.

When the girl who’s perpetually single loves she will love you hard, she will commit to you fully and strive to make you as happy as she can, but it will take her a little time to get there. It will take you building her trust and it will take her learning to trust you. It will take her getting comfortable around you. It will take her learning how to adjust her schedule and open time for you in her life.

And if you take things slow and show her you’re sticking around, loving the girl who’s perpetually single will be the best thing you ever do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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