Sometimes All You Need Is To Be ‘The One’ For Yourself

Prixel Creative / Lightstock
Prixel Creative / Lightstock

We’re constantly under the impression we need someone else to be happy, that once we find someone everything in our life will fall into place or that our life will begin once we settle down.

Movies are always ending with the girl and the guy living out their happily ever after, despite how much life tried to keep them apart – they still always end up together. Hollywood has been giving us false hope of how things still might work out if we love hard enough or if we don’t give up. But in real life things don’t work that way, there is no script, no director and no one is being paid millions of dollars to act happy together and say the perfect lines.

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that our happily ever after only starts once we find someone to live it out with. We basically get the idea forced down our throat until we choke on it because being single is seen as failure. We think that if you’re alone something must be wrong with you that you’ve failed at some part of life in order to end up alone.

I’ve seen hallow relationships that have no meaning or depth. I’ve seen people knowingly cheat on their partner, but they stay with them just because being with them in a meaningless relationship is somehow still better than being single. I’ve seen friendships with deeper meaning than relationships.

But we often overlook love from our family and friends because it isn’t romantic. Even though they’re pouring their love all over us, we still don’t find it to be enough because we aren’t waking up next to them every morning.

Love is love and it doesn’t discriminate no matter where it comes from.

I don’t feel bad about being single and neither should you because you don’t need anyone; sometimes all you need is yourself.

Sometimes you just need to be your own person. You need to be there for yourself before you can be there for anyone else. You need to learn how to care for yourself and love yourself. You need to spend time alone with yourself and find your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be your own best friend and learn that you don’t need someone to be happy.

Screw societies idea of love.

Look at all the failed marriages, people who jump into relationships because they fear being alone but wind up more alone in their relationship.

We’ve made life into finding ‘the one’, but sometimes you need to be your own person.

You need to be the one who completes yourself, because you aren’t unfinished you are whole.

There is nothing wrong with you on your own and you need to realize that before you go looking for another soul to fill yours.

Learn how to be happy on your own, to have fun by yourself, challenge yourself and whatever you do – don’t settle.

Piece yourself together and find the magic you have in yourself. Unleash it to the world and never stop inspiring others. Put the pieces of yourself together and let that guide you in the right direction.

No one is going to fill in the missing pieces of you because you are already whole and you are finished.

Flourish in your own light and in the relationships you already have, and don’t let society make you feel like you’ve failed on your own because you haven’t. You don’t need someone in order to live out your happily ever after, you can live it out on your own just fine.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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