Please Don’t Tell Me You Miss Me

Olga Ush
Olga Ush

Don’t tell me you miss me because you think it’s what I want to hear because it’s not. Don’t text me because you think it will make my day to read those three words across my phone screen. Don’t tell me you miss me if you don’t plan on doing anything about it because I was doing just fine until you came along with those stupid eight letters spelling out, “I miss you.”

Please, just don’t.

I was doing just fine trying to move on from you, I was trying really hard to push you out of my mind and then you come along out of the blue and to tell me you miss me.

I was just getting used to not asking about you to my friends. I was finally getting comfortable sleeping alone. I was finally going out to have fun instead of hoping I’d bump into you.

You just rocked the world I was trying so hard to stabilize because you had to tell me you missed me.

Why couldn’t you just keep it to yourself?

I finally started patching back together the gapping whole in my heart that you left. I finally start to find the strength to move on from you and start working towards loving myself. I was making progress and finally starting to heal, but then you had to say those three words to me that knocked me right on my ass again.

If you want to know how I’m doing just know that I finally stopped crying everyday and started smiling more. I stopped staring at my phone hoping to hear from you because I finally came to terms that this was over, that we were done. I started going out more and adjusting to the fact that you weren’t coming home, that you weren’t going to come walking back through the door no matter how much I looked at it.

But now you tell me you miss me.

Now you completely destroyed all the progress I was making, and for what?

What is going to come out of you admitting you miss me?

Are you going to come visit me? Are we going to try to work this out and are you going to take back all those words you said? Or did you just think you were doing me a favor, did you just think it would be nice to drop in my messages and see how I was doing?

Because I can promise you I was doing a lot better before I saw your name light up my phone.
Don’t call me when you’re drunk and you’re lonely because I won’t be there. Don’t call me when you’re home alone and sad because I’m not coming over. Don’t call me anymore because you decided your life would be better without me.

So next time you’re missing me keep it to yourself.

I don’t need you anymore and I’m finally starting to move on with my life, without you, so keep it to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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