I’m Not Sure Of Anything, But I’m 100 Percent Sure About You

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

It takes me hours to decide where I want to go to dinner, it takes me opening the fridge five times before knowing what I want to eat, it takes me starting ten different Netflix show before deciding what show I want to watch and it takes me changing my outfit several times before going out.

I’m not sure of much. I don’t know where I’ll go next in life, I don’t know where I’ll rent an apartment, I don’t know what kind of dog I want first, I don’t know if I want kids, I don’t know anything about my life because everything is constantly changing and I’m constantly growing, but out everything that I’m unsure about the only thing I know I’m sure about in this life is you.

Out of all the changes I’ve faced, out of every direction I’ve turned and out of every happy moment I’ve celebrated in this life all I’ve been sure about is that I want you in my life, forever.

I hate not having you to walk next to me down the street at night, I hate not having you here to talk to me when I have exciting news to share, I hate that I see you more in my dreams than in person. I hate that you’re not here with me.

I tried to let you go, but it didn’t work, it never works because my mind reverts right back to you.

You’re not by my side, but thoughts of you are burning in my heart.

They say timing is everything and isn’t that the truth. If only we met a little bit early, if only we kicked things off a little sooner then maybe I wouldn’t be wandering through this life alone.

Even after spending all this time apart I know I’m sure of you, I’m sure of us.

I want to hear the sound of you quietly rolling out of bed in the morning to make coffee. I want to see your smile light up the room when we walk in somewhere. I want to actually feel your presence and feel your touch, and not just in my dreams. I want to taste your lips against mine and lace my fingers with yours. I want to breathe you in and know that you’re not going anywhere.

Because for you, I’d give it all up.

I’d give up the adventurous, wandering lifestyle I feel so passionately in my life for you because that’s how sure of you I am.

I’d bet all my money on us because I know together we’re invincible and together we can make a great team.

I’d go anywhere with you. I’d pack my bags and move tomorrow, I’d eat at the same restaurant a thousand times and I’d never think twice about what’s in the fridge as long as we have food and I have you and we have each other.

I try not to ask for too much, but I’m going to ask you for this. Please trust in us because I’m not sure about much, but I’m completely sure about us and I’m completely sure I don’t want to live another minute without you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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