I’ll Always Root For Your Relationship

Michael Ramey
Michael Ramey

There is something about the love you share that is undeniably real and raw. There is something in the way you look at each other that says forever.

The way you fight for each other, yet challenge each other and push one another to be better is what love is all about. Watching you love each other is the best thing you could do for this world, and I’ll always be on your side.

I’ll root for you two when your fighting over something stupid that neither of you want to admit you’re wrong about. I’ll root for you two when you’re so blind by caring for each other you think you know what is best for the other person. I’ll root for you when you decide that you’re never going to give up on the other, no matter how much they drive you insane from time to time. I’ll root for you when you protect each other, especially when it’s because one of you did something stupid. I’ll always root for you because what you have makes me believe in love.

You have heart and passion, you don’t only love each other but you’re in love, while simultaneously liking each other. You’re the best friends I always dreamed of finding and the way you light up the world around you when you’re together is like setting the world on fire.

You taught me you don’t need everything in this world, you just need each other.

Watching you love taught me that relationships should be full of fun, they should be spent enjoying each other and making each other laugh. Relationships mean stupid little arguments that take five minutes to get over because not every moment is blissful. Relationships mean respect because without respecting each other you have nothing. Relationships mean no matter what you stick by each other’s sides because without the other person things don’t make sense.

If I’m pulling for anyone in this world it’s the two of you because without your guidance I’d be lost. You give me hope, you make the world feel complete, without the two of you together nothing I know would make sense.

So thank you for loving each other despite your differences. Thank you for being there for each other when you want to kill each other. Thank you for never walking away from each other even when things are rough because you taught me true love doesn’t give up. Thank you for showing me what I have to look forward to in my life and more than anything, thank you for being you because the two of you together make the best team and you fit together like the perfect finish to a complicated puzzle.

Your love taught me that no matter what everything will work out as long as you have the love of your life by your side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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