Date Someone You Can Be Weird With


First dates are so awkward most of the time. You try your best to be on your best behavior, trying to cover up pieces of who you are because you don’t want them to run at the first sign of a peak of weirdness.

You think about when to send a text and how to perfectly word it. You think of posting an Instagram photo and wondering what they will think of it. You do all these things when in reality that’s not you. It might be a piece of you, a little shade of you, but that’s not you.

You’re not a cookie cutter shape of a human, you cry at sad songs, you sing at the top of your lungs, you dance around in your underwear and you do everything else that makes you who you are.

So be weird.

Be weird and don’t pretend to be normal because news flash there is no such thing as normal, and if there is then normal is boring.

Date someone who doesn’t judge you for being who you are, someone who laughs even harder when you’re laughing so hard you snort.

Date someone who doesn’t think you’re being unapologetically you because you shouldn’t have to be unapologetic for being who you are.

Date someone who likes the way you laugh and thinks the jokes you tell are funny, and date someone who laughs even when they aren’t funny. Date someone who can laugh at you, not in a mean way, but in a way that is funny because you’re laughing at yourself and it’s so typically you.

Date someone who you don’t have to feel worried about making a fool of yourself in front of them because you know they think your quirks and flaws are you and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. You’re quirks and flaws are simply part of you, they don’t define you, they are just who you are. We are all flawed in our own little ways and you should embrace your weakness, just like you embrace your strengths.

You should date someone you can take turns with singing verses of a song of the radio at the top of your lungs while playing air guitar. You should date someone you can send ugly Snapchats to and make funny faces towards in public.

You should date someone you can look at when they do something completely embarrassing and say, “I love that person, that’s my person.”

Date someone who thinks you’re awesome no matter how weird or embarrassing or funny you’re being because when you look back at them you know they are rooting you on.

If you take one piece of advice from this, it’s to never date someone you can’t be your full self around. Never date someone who makes you feel embarrassed of yourself, never date someone who tries to cover up certain parts of you around certain people in their life. Never date someone who tries to change you.

That’s not fun and that’s not worth it.

Truth be told you’ll never fit into a cookie cutter shape of someone’s life, ever. You’ll always be too loud, too weird, too much or too little of something. Your elbows won’t fit properly and your stomach won’t be the right shape, so get out, leave that relationship. Stop trying to fit into a cookie cutter life you don’t belong in.

Unleash yourself and be free, be weird and be the amazing person you are without any restrictions because you don’t need restrictions.

You are perfect in every weird way, date someone who knows that, date someone you can be equally as weird with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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