15 Dead Giveaway Signs He’s Not That Into You (And Probably Never Will Be)

Jesse Herzog
Jesse Herzog

You’re filled with hope because you’ve got a good heart and a hopeful outlook on life, but unfortunately my dear not everyone is the same. There are people who make you fall with no intentions of catching you because “they didn’t know they were leading you on.” There are people who will never be capable of loving you back because deep down they know they aren’t good enough for you. There are people who you can love with all your heart and it still won’t be enough. There are people who just aren’t into you, no matter how much you convince yourself the signs are there, and you know what? That’s okay because you don’t want a love that is forced. You deserve so much more than that, but here are the signs you should look for and steer clear of for – well – ever, really.

1. He never compliments you.

Like never and if he does say something nice to you, you cling to it like it’s a Nobel Prize speech. You recite his words through your head over and over again and to be honest, he can’t even remember he said it in the first place.

2. He only texts you when it’s convenient for him, like late at night.

While you might be secretly staying up late in order to see if he texts you, he might simply be aiming for a booty call because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

3. He’s only polite when he needs/wants something.

He will act kind to you and then it comes out why he’s texting you maybe he wants you to come over and hook up. Maybe he wants you t bring him something he forgot. But there’s always a reason to his ways.

4. There is no dialogue.

There will be an exchange of a first few messages, then you often find yourself double texting in order to keep the conversation alive because without his short responses, you might as well be talking to yourself.

5. You never go out in public together.

Your hanging out consists of walking home from the bar drunk or coming over at night to “watch a movie” which we all know means hook up.

6. You don’t know much about his life.

He keeps you kind of in the dark, his friends have never heard of you, or maybe know you as the girl he’s hooking up with ATM. But you’re not someone he brings up in conversation, he isn’t telling stories of things you’ve done, none of that is going on. You’re simply just some other chick he’s sleeping with.

7. He tells you to add him on Snapchat because Snapchat is the new sexting.

He tries to push it, he’ll send you pictures fresh out of the shower, or before the shower. He will send you pictures of his butt wondering if you’ll reciprocate.

8. He sends you sketchy Snapchats.

Like “hey” with a picture of something random, then like a couple hours later you get another one that says “hey babe”, when you replied to the first one. Like he clearly forgot he already sent that, or you’re not the only one receiving his “hey” snaps.

9. He talks about his ex to you.

You might not have a deep connection, but he still brings up his ex in a simple conversation that means he’s still into her and that means you should not be into him. He doesn’t like you, he’s just using you to try to distract himself from her. No guy sits around talking about their ex unless they aren’t over her, or unless they’re roasting her to their friends like a dick. Either way, you don’t want to be around someone like that.

10. He refers to you as shit like “kid” or “friend” or “buddy”.

He does it to keep pounding away at the fact no matter what “mixed signals” you think you’re receiving he only sees you as a friend or a friend with benefits, but you’ll never be more than what you currently are.

11. He shows you the bare minimum of affection.

And no that’s not because he’s playing hard to get it because he really doesn’t have any affection to give. No matter how much you’re into him he just can’t reciprocate the feelings.

12. He gives you lots of vague answers to deep questions.

You try to pick his brains and find out more about him, but he just doesn’t give you anything. You keep at it, but he just responds with more vague answers. When you ask how his day was he says things like, “good.” He doesn’t ask you about yours and he doesn’t give you anything to work with.

13. He is in no rush to make plans with you, but he will blow up your phone when he’s drunk.

He never shows interest in you during the day time, but when he’s drunk and horny you’re the first person he texts asking where you are, but when morning comes around he’s always sneaking out the door, if he even stays the night.

14. You know no more about him than his Doctor.

In fact, his Doctor probably knows more than you. He talks to you the same way he’d talk to a stranger in passing. He gives you the bare minimum because it keeps you hanging on and it keeps you around when he’s in need of something.

15. It’s not you, it’s really not.

Some people just aren’t cut out for relationships, some people just don’t feel the same connection as you do and there’s a good chance after you look back and get over them you’re going to question what the hell you were thinking with him. Don’t let it discourage you and don’t hang on to him for dear life, open your arms let him go and if you never hear from him again you’ll now know exactly where you stood with him the whole time. Move on, you can do better – much better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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