10 Ways Extroverted Introverts Love Differently


1. If you like someone you’re really invested in them.

You’re picky about who you spend your time and energy on because as much as you love social interactions you can only handle so much of it. If you spend a lot of time with someone that person should feel lucky because they truly matter to you if you’re willing to keep make an effort on the relationship.

2. You love hanging out one on one.

Extroverted introverts are all about spending quality time getting to know someone. You’d much rather spend your day with one person than in a big group surrounded by other voices and distracting chaos. You like to take this time to get to know someone on a personal level and enjoy building connections that are lasting.

3. You live in your head.

You spend a lot of time overthinking and you honestly can’t help it, your brain just never stops. Sometimes you’ll question things about your relationship that you shouldn’t even be worried about, but you can’t help but wonder. It’s just who you are, constantly analyzing things and questioning parts of life.

4. Sometimes you might not hear from them.

Sometimes you need nothing more than to take a break. To put your phone down and get lost in a novel, lost in your own thoughts, lost on a drive, and that means not being in contact with anyone. It doesn’t mean you’re mad at your S/O, it doesn’t mean they did anything wrong, it simply means that you just need a little alone time to get away and think.

5. You are all about trust.

You don’t take trust lightly, to you it means everything. Once you give your trust to your S/O it would break your heart if they broke it. You’re very much so a person of your word so to have someone betray you, especially someone you’re in a relationship with, it would completely tear you apart.

6. Even if you’re not the best at expressing your feelings, you feel them.

You feel things very deeply, but you aren’t always the best at showing the world those feelings. Sometimes you bottle them up and burry them because you’re scared of the outcome, maybe because you’ve been rejected in the past or maybe it’s because of the introvert in you. Even if you’re not running around the house screaming I LOVE YOU at the top of your lungs, you still might feel that way, you just have a different way of expressing your emotions.

7. You often do what feels right.

Even though you’re known for living inside your head you still think with your heart. Sometimes you’d rather do what feels right than go by the books, especially when it comes to making the people you care about happy.

8. You do anything for the people you love.

Extroverted introverts are a mix of the best of both worlds. You contain traits from both ends of the spectrum mixing in the middle. You know how to be calm and comforting if your S/O is having a rough night and you also know how to go out and have a great time when all they need is a little fun. You can always meet them in the middle and you love making them happy.

9. You are a very intimate person.

Like I said you love one on one interactions and the intimate sharing with the person you love helps you feel a greater connection towards them. Being connected is so important and it helps build intimacy. You are a person who falls hard when they fall and you fall mainly on connections, not so much on appearances or other traits, but you really love feeling like you have a soul connection with your S/O.

10. You are easy to please, while still aiming to please.

You prioritize your S/O’s needs because you care about them so much, but you also still want to make yourself happy. Being an extroverted introvert means that you are very flexible and you often prefer to have other’s make decisions because you don’t want the group to be unhappy. You’ll happily do what your S/O wants to do because either way you can tune into your extroverted or introverted side and also enjoy their activity of choice, making you the ultimate date. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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