You’re The Worst Kind Of Bad And I’m Addicted

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

You’re the worst kind of bad,
the kind of bad I know I’d become addicted to
without fail.

The kind of bad that consumes my mind,
the kind of bad where you become
my own personal form of cocaine
and the funny thing is
I don’t even like cocaine,
but you make me want to.

You’re the kind of bad
my momma warned me about.
I know I should stay away,
but I can’t help it,
I’ve always been enticed by

One look at you
that’s all it takes
and I’m hooked,
I can’t stop myself
and I can’t get enough.

I try to stay away but it doesn’t work,
because as soon as you say my name
the addiction worsens and
I feel like I need you.

I don’t even want you,
I need you.
My heart beats for you,
my skin aches for your touch
and my lips crave yours.

I want your hands on running through my hair,
I want your body close to mine
and I never want you to let me go.

I’m addicted to you,
I can’t stop myself
and it just might kill me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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