I Can Only Love You If You Promise Me This


I don’t want a relationship filled with roses and fancy dinners, I don’t want to get dressed up pretending to be someone I’m not and doing things I hate just because it seems like it’s what I’m supposed to do.

I want a best friend.

I want someone who doesn’t hold me back from adventure but is instead sitting next to me singing along to the radio as I try to read the map. I want someone who doesn’t care if we get lost as long as we’re lost together.

I don’t want someone who is dropping me off at the airport to go wander through a foreign country, but instead jamming his carryon bag next to mine in the overhead compartment.

I want someone who thinks of life as one giant party, but also knows when it’s time to be serious. I want someone who can laugh with me over mimosas at breakfast while we eat our eggs and someone who can comfort me when I found out bad news and empathize with me.

I want fun and laughter and adventure. I want it all with you by my side. I don’t want to settle down and become dulled down by every day life; I want to keep living fully. I want to pack the GoPro and strap it on our heads as we climb to the top of a mountain or scuba dive into the depths of the ocean.

I want someone who is willing to say fuck it and buy an RV with me and travel the country, someone who is up for everything and anything, even if it sounds bizarre.

I want someone who has the same adventurous soul as me and always sees the best in the world.

I don’t want our relationship to limit us or hold either of us back because that isn’t the point of a relationship. The point is for it to let us grow, to learn from each other and share our passions.

You’re the person I want by my side through every direction life throws at us. You’re the person I want to bring out the best in me, you’re the person I want to ground me when I start losing my mind, you’re the person I want to pour coffee for and kiss good morning.

You’re the person I want to stay up all night and pass out on the couch with because we couldn’t turn Netflix off. You’re the person I want to end up getting way too drunk with and ordering a pizza to ourselves after we swore we were just going to go out for happy hour and have a drink. You’re the person I want to eat tacos with and walk down the street hand in hand with.

You’re the person I want to love and I can only love you if you promise me you don’t want to slow down, but instead you want to dive head first into life with me.

I don’t want to slow down, that’s not what I’m after, I don’t want to become a routine and bore my life down. I want you by my side to make it more thrilling and adventurous. I want to ride the highest roller coaster in the world with you screaming by my side and face my fears one step at a time with you.

I want you to challenge me and push me, I don’t want you to sit around and not question the decisions I’m making. I want to grow as a person because you make me want to be better and I will do the same for you. I don’t want to become stagnant; I want a spark that will never fade.

I will promise to love you if you promise to ignite a wildfire with me in this life and never slow down until we’re both good and ready to relax for a little while.

Challenge me, change me, push me, but always love me and I promise to always love you, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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