16 Signs You And Your Roommate Are Way Too Comfortable With Each Other


1. You pee with the door open.

It’s basically the only option you have because it’s too hard to have a conversation when the door is closed and no one likes stopping in the middle of a story.

2. You walk in the bathroom while they’re already in there getting ready for the morning and pee anyway.

You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and you can’t help it they’re in there before you. It doesn’t even phase either of you at this point though.

3. You get completely naked in front of them and you don’t care.

It’s not a big deal to either of you. If you can’t get naked in front of your best friends then who can you be comfortably naked around?

4. You have no shame in crying in front of them.

They’ve seen tears stream down your face and you’ve whipped them off their face. Sometimes the emotions are just too much and you need a shoulder to cry on, that’s what friends are for.

5. You feel no shame binge eating in front of them.

More than likely its because they’re also binge eating, but it’s a great hobby you share together. Especially when it’s late at night and nothing sounds better than the drive-thru because your bored as hell so you might as well eat.

6. You’ll have sex in the house while each other is home.

You’ve heard each other have sex and you’re used to either listening to it, laughing about it or trying to ignore it. But either way it’s going down and if it’s with someone new you’re stoked for the morning to ask a million questions.

7. You get way too excited every time they walk through the door and tell them how you missed them.

Even if it’s only been a couple hours you are super enthused when they walk through the door because being home alone is fun for like five minutes, then you get bored and miss your roomie.

8. You don’t ask, you just share.

‘What’s mine is yours’ is basically the motto. The days of asking if you can use something went out the door because your relationship has blossomed to such a great level.

9. You can’t even remember what is yours and what is theirs after a certain point.

Seriously, you have to ask each other whose items are whose and neither of you can remember. It’s a weird thing, but it actually happens after living together past a certain point.

10. You have done bizarre things together and you just let them happen.

You don’t even find the things you do weird anymore, you just accept them and you accept your roommate for who they are. It’s a beautiful relationship that is born from being comfortable together and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

11. There is no such thing as too much information.

TMI went out the door a long time ago and never came back. You’ll hear about all the gross and nasty things you’ve each done and saying “ew” is completely fine because it probably is “ew” worthy.

12. You have their schedule memorized.

You know exactly where you can find them at a Tuesday at 10 AM and also where they will be on a Thursday night, that is, if you’re not already with them. But you have their schedule memorized almost as well as you have your own.

13. You decide what to do together, you both go or you both stay home.

You don’t get FOMO if you both stay in and some nights that turns out to be better than going out. Or you both pull the infamous “lets stay in tonight” then decide you need to speed get ready to go out at the last minute. It’s always an adventure with the two of you.

14. You feel sad when you pull up to the driveway and their car isn’t home.

Especially when they were supposed to be home. You instantly text them to see where they are because you really want to talk about your day with someone who will just get it.

15. No topic is off limits and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

You both say stupid things at times and you both say things you should never have said, but you just laugh it off and let it go.

16. Your roommate is basically your soulmate.

You connect with them on a level you have yet to find with another human. They are special and you should cherish them forever and ever because that is a once in a lifetime kind of bond. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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