This Is For The Ones Who Were Born For Loving And Leaving


This is for you, the one who wanders aimlessly. You fall in love with places, and people, and cultures, but you still leave. You always leave.

It isn’t something you’re exactly proud of. It causes you pain, sometimes a lot of pain, but it’s something you have to do. It’s who you are.

You fall in love; you wrap yourself up in as much of the place and people surrounding you as you can. You make the most of your temporary home, but it will always just be a temporary home.

You try to plant roots, but you weren’t born with seeds; you were born with wings, so you do what you do best – you leave.

Sometimes you hate that part about yourself.

You hate that as happy as you are, you know eventually your time will come and you will have to leave.

It’s not like you’re being forced, you could stay, but the overwhelming wonder of what else is out in the world starts pounding away at your head again, like a headache you can’t make go away.

You don’t expect the others around you to understand because no matter how much you try to explain it to them they’ll never understand. You just have a constant urge flowing through your veins, no matter how much you’ve tried to stay you’ll always have this lingering in your head where you just can’t help but wonder what’s next.

You wonder what the next place will be like. You wonder if the people will be nice. You wonder if you’ll fall in love. You wonder what the food tastes like and what the street art looks like. You wonder how the air will feel on your skin as you step out of the airport. You are filled to the brim with unanswered questions, knowing the only way to get the answers is to see for yourself.

You’re filled with endless wonder and endless wander that can only be cured by hoping on a plane and flying to the next destination.

It’s a vicious never ending cycle.

You’re constantly missing pieces of your heart in people and places you’ve left behind.

You want to go back, but it’s hard because you know even if you go back that things will have changed. Maybe not with the place or the people who have stayed there, but definitely with you.

You’ve changed, you’re constantly changing because you keep finding yourself in every place you explore. You find what you love and what you hate. You find the person you want to be a little more with each day. You find your passions and new inspirations. You listen to new stories and make new memories.

But you still leave because as at home as you might feel, you still need to know what’s next. You still need to move on.

The road is our home.

As much as you love routine it bores you, you have to switch it up. You have to find new routine in a new home for a little while. You need structure as much as you need freedom.

You’ve got a wild heart and you’ve got to roam. You’ve got to explore and the only thing that makes you feel trapped is being in one place too long.

It’s both a blessing and a curse, the constant need to explore the earth.

This is for the ones who were born for leaving. The one’s whose hearts are always filled with love and ache, always looking for what’s next while missing what’s behind. The one’s who will let the earth make and break them time after time. This is for us, the one’s who are always appreciative, but never satisfied. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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