People Are Dying And That’s The Only Thing That Matters


I look around and all I see is people trying to voice their opinions, trying to make a case and point about why their argument is valid and no one else’s matters. No one wants to listen to each other, no one wants to support each other and no one else wants to recognize that no matter what is happening people are dying.

People want their voices heard, they want to think what they have to say is the most important.

But the problem is, everyone is talking and no one is listening, no one is really listening.

The only thing that I’m concerned with is that people in America are losing their lives. People are dying for no reason. Our troops are fighting over seas for our freedom at home and at home we are killing each other on our own soil.

It’s heartbreaking and it’s awfully sad. I spent the last couple days in tears, I cried several times and I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my face. I felt anger, hate, sadness and disappointment, but more than anything I felt love. I felt like I wanted to walk up to everyone in America and give each and every person a hug.

I wanted to remind everyone that we are all humans here and that we should all love each other and support each other. I wanted to tell them that their anger is relevant, but their love needs to show in times of darkness.

Nothing will get better without love.

I’ve seen an outrageous out pour of love. I’ve seen people parade the streets with rainbow flags supporting their pride. I’ve seen people stand their ground and peacefully stand with their signs asking for equality. I’ve seen people holding hands in a giant circle and praying. I’ve seen lots of courageous acts of love and that’s what is going to make a difference.

Not the other stuff I’ve seen.

Not people fighting in rallies, not people disobeying the law, not people trashing the streets and homes of other citizens. Not people crossing the line and becoming violent with their emotions because acting out of emotion never ends well, for anyone.

I know acting rationally when times are hard is difficult, but it is also critical. It needs to happen in order to be affective.

If you want to be the change you hope to see in the world act with compassion, act with kindness and love in your heart.

If you think yelling, rioting, screaming and violence are going to change the way things are going you’re wrong. You’re only going to get those things back.

Act with character and with peace. Act with kindness seeping out of your heart, even when there might not feel like there is any good left in the world because there is, I promise you there is.

You can still make change while being peaceful. You don’t need to attack with full force, you don’t need to be violent and no matter how much we all want change to happen in America, it won’t happen over night. That is the most important thing to remember.

We can be the change, you could be the change, and I agree there has to be a change. I don’t want things to get any worse before they get better, but it seems like it is still heading in a downward spiral in America and that’s so heartbreaking.

Start making little changes at home. Start teaching passion, start teaching respect for others, start teaching your children that they are allowed to love everyone regardless of skin color or sexual orientation. Start teaching them the way of peace and of love. Start teaching them that they have a voice and they should use it, but only to promote what they love, not bash what they hate.

Teach them that people are dying and all the lives lost could be prevented.

The lives of our own people are being lost because all America has right now is tension and fear. I don’t think anyone feels safe, no matter where you are, no matter what color you are and no matter what occupation you have. Everyone is scared and the only thing to break the fear is love. Love has to be louder than the hate. Love has to be louder than the fear. Love has to break through the violence.

Grab your neighbors, lock hands with your families and hug everyone you see because the only thing that will stop the violence is love. And America needs love now more than ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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