Let’s Go Get Lost Down Some Old Back Road

Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

Let’s pack a bag and head down some roads we don’t know the names to. Let’s put away our phones and GPS and drive down roads we’ve never seen before. Let’s get lost in the uncertainty of our route and head for miles and miles.

I want to drive until we almost run out of gas then fill up and head back out on the open road for more. I want to stock up on snacks and laugh as we stuff our faces together.

I want to drive aimlessly hand in hand, on back roads without a plan.

I want the windows down and warm summer air ripping through the windows as it whips our hair around and we can’t help but laugh. I want to play the music as loud as it goes and sing our lungs out and get lost in the lyrics and each other.

I don’t just want to do the typical every day kind of life with you. I want to get lost with you, explore with you, and wander to unfamiliar places with you.

I want you to be the compass to my map, always being there to guide me and give me a sense of direction, while still being wild and free with me.

I don’t care if we ever go back and I don’t need a thing planned as long as I’ve got you by my side.

I want to wander close and far with you.

We can park the car and stay a while. I want to sleep in the back of the car together with nothing but a blanket and body heat between us. I want to lay outside in the dark night with nothing but the stars lighting up the sky and the crickets chirping in the fields. I want to star at the moon and look for shooting stars.

I don’t want city lights, I don’t want cars rushing by; I want you and the silence in nature.

I want to drive down the open roads with dust kicking up behind us. I want to get lost in the beauty of the world and be in awe of Gods creations. I want to admire the trees, get excited over the wildlife and walk through the streams. I want to get lost in countryside down some old back road.

I want to feel complete bliss getting lost in the right direction with you.

I don’t want to argue over what direction the map says and yell about what road we were supposed to turn down, I just want to drive with you by my side. I want to feel the freedom at the palm of our hands as we go.

I don’t need much. I don’t need a fancy destination or a hotel to stay in, the only thing I care about is getting lost in your eyes.

I might not have anything planned, but come on baby let’s still go. Let’s go get lost down some old back road. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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