I Could Make The First Move, But I’d Rather You Do It


I could easily grab my phone and send you a message telling you I just want to go on a date already. I could do it so easily. It wouldn’t require much effort or thought. I know I want to go out with you on a date, so that’s all I’d have to say.

But I’d rather you do it.

I could easily make the first move on the date, I could grab your hand when we’re leaving the restaurant and pull you in for a kiss. I could run my fingers through your hair on the street as the night wind blows past us.

But I’d rather you do it.

I could easily tell you I had fun and want to go out again. I could tell you that I thought you were hilarious and I haven’t had that much fun in a while. I could tell you that I wanted to kiss you again.

But I’d rather you do it.

I’d rather you make the first move.

As easy as it would be for me to ask you to go out I’d much rather you do it. Maybe it’s me being old-fashioned, but I’d always like to be the one getting asked out instead of the one doing the asking. I still think it should be a guy’s move to ask a girl out on a date. I think it’s the proper thing to do and it would make me feel all around better if I know that he is interested in me enough to ask me to go out with him.

And yes, I know it’s freakin’ 2016 and it shouldn’t matter anymore, but I would still like the guy to make the first move because it would make me feel like he’s actually interested in getting to know me.

As easy as it would be for me to initiate a kiss I’d much rather you do it. I’d much rather have you grab me and pull me in. I’d much rather feel wanted by you than initiate something I’m not sure you’re interested in. I’m a person who needs reassurance. I could dive in head first, but before I do I’ll ask you how deep the water is and how cold it is. I like to make sure before I do things. It’s just the kind of person I’ve always been.

So as easy as it could be for me to lean in and kiss you, I’d much rather you lean in and kiss me.

As easy as it would be for me to tell you I’d like to go out again I’d much rather you do it. I’d much rather hear the words coming out of your mouth than my own. It would give me some peace of mind, clear my head of any doubts I’ve had throughout the night and ease my mind.

I don’t need you to hold my hand the whole way. I know that I can easily initiate every move as much as you can, but I’d still rather have you do it. I’d rather let you lead the way and follow you down the path until we reach the end or I want to turn around and head my own direction.

I know I could easily do the asking, I could do the initiating and if it’s something I really want to pursue I should go after you, but sometimes it’s just nice to actually feel wanted by a guy. It’s nice to have someone cut the small talk bullshit and actually ask you out to talk in person. Sometimes that’s all a girl wants.

I’d rather have you do the asking and the initiating because it shows confidence and confidence is attractive. And as a woman it feels much nicer to be kissed than to kiss, it feels much nicer to be asked than to ask and it feels equally as good to be wanted as to want.

I know I could make the first move, but I won’t because I’d rather you do it. TC mark

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