Here’s The Truth About Success


You don’t see people from the ground up, you normally only notice them when they’re at the top.

You don’t see people as they try repeatedly to climb the ladder and all the times they’ve been set back, told to get off or even fallen down on their own.

You don’t see the frustration, you don’t see the struggle, you don’t see the rejection letters or the tears streaming down their face on the days they feel like they’ve failed and aren’t good enough.

You don’t see the hard work they’ve put in, day after day. You don’t see the amount of extra hours they’ve spent working when they should have “clocked out” hours ago. You don’t see the self-reflection they do when things aren’t going their way and what is going on in their mind after not hearing back from companies or the important people.

You don’t see the heavy weight they carry on their shoulders. You don’t see their hopes and dreams laid out on the living room table as they tear them to shreds because they don’t feel like they’ll ever be able to accomplish them. You don’t see the every day battle they’re fighting to get even half a step ahead. You don’t see the struggles and the set backs.

You don’t see the years they put it or how long they’ve been trying to achieve their dreams or at least get close enough to get a finger on it. You don’t see the struggles they still face to keep their dreams alive.

You don’t see any of that.

What you see is when they’ve made it to the top. You see them once they’ve become successful.

You see them succeed, you see them when they’ve made it and the whole world has eyes on them.

You see them and you wish your life was like theirs, but the thing is your life could be like theirs if you put in the work from the bottom. But most people quit when they see the words, “I regret to inform you…” or if they don’t get a call back. Most people quit when they get rejected. Most people throw in the towel and settle because it’s what’s easier; it’s what’s in front of them. Most people quit when their dream is taking too long to accomplish because they aren’t as dedicated as the people who won’t back down.

Giving up is always easier than fighting through to try to make it to where you really want to be.

But giving up won’t ever get you what you really want. Giving up will lead you to a life of comfort and regret.

The people you see who are successful are the ones who work their asses off, every single day. The ones who miss out on things because they can’t afford to go because they’re busy trying to make something of themselves. They’re the ones who have decided to keep working on improving themselves and their work every time someone told them they weren’t good enough or they weren’t what they were looking for.

The people who are successful are the ones who never took no for an answer, the ones who kept pushing forward when the world was telling them to quit because those were the people with a vision and a dream they were sent on this earth to accomplish.

The people who are successful become our role models.

We look at their life on social media and wish we could be them because something about them is so inspiring and intriguing. Maybe it’s a photographer, or writer, or fitness advocate or someone who inspires to make the world a better place, those are the people who we look up to because of their wisdom and their minds.

We think they have the perfect life now and we strive for it because it looks awesome, but the thing about their success is it wasn’t easy for them, it wasn’t handed to them, they had to work for it.

They had to dig deep when the world was telling them to give up and they had to find it in themselves to push through.

That is the secret to success, never giving up even when the cards are all dealt against you because they, just like you, are just human. They had a dream, just like you, but they didn’t stop pursuing it, no matter what life threw their way.

Follow your dreams and don’t take no for an answer if it’s what you really want. That’s how you make it and that’s how you become successful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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