Do What Makes You Happy And Fuck The Rest


Don’t treat the guy who’s interested in you like shit because others have given him a bad reputation in the past.

Don’t let others opinions stop you from giving him a chance because as many times as we are the rule, you might be the one who is the exception. The guy who might be full on at the start might be someone you actually end up really caring about. Don’t let the influence of outside voices make you start thinking negatively about him before you were really given the chance to know him.

Do what makes you happy and fuck the rest.

If you couldn’t find two fucks to give wearing a skirt and tank top out in the middle of the winter to try to look good when you’re going out. Don’t wear them. Wear jeans if that’s going to make you happy. Wear whatever you want, but you don’t have to conform to everyone else. All you got to worry about is you, do you like what you’re wearing and are you comfortable? Because if you are, do you and fuck the rest.

Don’t skip on a trip of a lifetime while you’re still young because you’re worried about money. Don’t miss out on amazing opportunities because you say you’ll do it in the future. How many times have you said you’ll do something later then completely forgotten about it and never actually done it because life gets in the way. Life will always get in the way, you just need to find the time to do what you love and make it a priority. If you want to jump on that plane and head across the country because you’ve got an amazing opportunity that is weighing on your mind, go! Take it. Money will always be important, but it isn’t the most important thing because no matter what, you can’t take it with you when you go.

Happiness is contagious. Don’t settle for a life you’re unhappy with because you think it’s something you need to do.

Don’t be miserable by choice because it makes people not want to be around you. Set an example and live your life doing what makes you happy. Fuck the rest.

If you want to sit on the couch and watch 10 hours of Netflix, go for it. If you want to train for a marathon to make yourself better, be my guest. If you want to get shitfaced drunk every weekend because it makes you feel better and forget your problems, drink up. If you want to cover your skin in tattoos to hide your scars or simply because you think you look awesome with ink, do it up. If you want to eat that extra piece of bread, eat that extra piece of bread. Do whatever is going to make you happy.

Don’t make excuses to not do something. Don’t say you can’t because you don’t have time. Don’t say you would if things were different. Don’t say you can’t because you’re planning on it in the future. Don’t make excuses when it’s something you really want now.

I know everyone has responsibilities and families. I know people have jobs and bills to pay. But we don’t always need what’s better, we live in a one up kind of world, where we aren’t satisfied until we one up everyone around us.

Sell the big house to live in a smaller one. Take that money and travel. Move out of your parents and rent out the crappy apartment, know what it’s like to struggle. Fall in love with the guy everyone warned you to stay away from, and if you get your heart broke say, “I know” when they say, “I told you so.” But know that he became a piece of you, a piece you wouldn’t regret loving, a piece that became worth it because as much as heart break sucks, and it really fucking sucks, it becomes who we are. It becomes part of us.

Do what makes you happy, in the moment.

Don’t worry about other people’s opinions; you’ll always disappoint at lease a few people. Just do what makes you happy and fuck the rest.

Live for yourself because the reality is, everyone dies alone. Choose your happiness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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