Date Someone Who Thinks You’re Sexy In Sweatpants


Date someone who looks at you like you’re a million bucks when you wake up in the morning. When you’re in your sweatpants all snug in bed, entangled in his arms and the sheets. When you might think you’re ugly, but he convinces you otherwise because to him you look beautiful when your makeup is smeared under your eyes and your yawning, but still flashing him that sleepy smile.

Date someone who thinks you’re sexy when you go out in public in sweatpants because he knows that’s what makes you comfortable and happy. He knows you’d pick being comfortable over fashionable any day because that’s just the kind of girl you are and he is all about it.

Date someone who will be standing across from you in public but still send you a message telling you how sexy you look, even when your wearing workout pants and a hoodie. Someone who waits for the expression on your face to light up as you look down at your phone and read his words.

Date someone who is proud to show you off for who you are, he doesn’t try to dress you up and make you feel bad about dressing how you want to dress. He doesn’t say things like, “are you really going to wear that out?”

Date someone whose jaw drops when you come down the stairs when you actually are dressed up for a night out, but knows you’re counting down the moments until you can get home and take off those heels and jump back into your sweatpants.

Date someone who even though his jaw drops when your dressed up he thinks you’re sexier in sweatpants because that’s you are as a person.

He knows how much you love sweatpants and he knows that’s what makes you the happy wearing. He would happily take you in sweatpants over a skirt any day because that only adds to all the reasons he loves you.

Date someone who thinks you’re sexy as you’re in the kitchen cooking breakfast with your sweatpants on and singing along to Spotify. Someone who loves looking at you because you are so comfortable with yourself and him that you don’t feel the need to always get dressed to impress him.

Date someone who thinks buying you new sweats is a great present, because it is!

Date someone who understands that you can never have too many pairs of sweats and that you’ll always steal his.

Date someone who understands sweatpants are awesome and loves to wear them just as much as you do. Date someone who understands what kind of person you are and that if you want to attempt to look a little decent you’ll through on some leggings or yoga pants because they look a little nicer than full on sweats.

Just date someone who loves you for who you are and who loves you because you are loving yourself. Someone who supports you and what you choose to wear and what you find comfort in. Date someone who thinks you’re sexy even when you’re just lounging around. Date someone who is proud to show you off and call you his.

Date someone who can’t keep his hands to himself when you’ve got sweatpants on because you look your sexiest in sweats. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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