I Want To Get Lost Some Place Beautiful With You


I’ve craved adventure my whole life.

I’ve always felt at home at airports. I’ve felt more comfortable than I should on airplanes. I’ve always been the only one excited to road trip through windy mountains. I’ve always turned to open roads to clear my head. I’ve pitched tents in the woods in my backyard to sleep in nature.

I’ve always wanted a lifetime of adventure and I want someone who wants to spend a lifetime adventuring with me.

I want someone who wants to wander and enjoys being lost.

I want someone to actually be willing to drop everything and live on the road exploring with me. I want to live out of a Volkswagen van we spent weeks working on to make the perfect mobile home out of. I want to spend time making curtains and installing a coffee machine. I want to make it cozy and decorative. I want to count down the days and be overwhelmed with excitement with you.

I want to plan a route or just go with the road and live carefree.

I want to find back roads and local hangouts. I want to avoid the tourist areas as we explore the roots of the town. I want to meet the people who have never left and the people who are passing through just like us. I want to sit at a bar and listen to the stories others are sharing and hopefully meet some people who change our lives.

I want life on the road to change us.

I want it to make us live as simplistically as possible and make us really aware of the world around us. I want it to break us and shake us, while making us stronger. I know it won’t always be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. I want it to help us grow as people and a couple.

I want to find someplace beautiful to get lost in with you. I want to be in awe of the beauty of the earth and be transformed by the world.

I want to make breakfast every day together as we wake up somewhere new. I want to open the doors and let the warm air hit our skin as we start the day. I want to go hiking and exploring in the new area we’ve decided to call our temporary home. I want to enjoy the simplicity of life and each other. I want to live on the road while making memories.

I don’t need fancy destination vacations. I don’t need yachts and five star hotels with a spa in our bedroom.

I need freedom, fresh air and open roads. I want true experience and to find the tiny treasures in our area.

I want adventure and to take risks. I want to make memories all over, but especially in our VW bus as we’re hiding away from the rest of the world and exploring our own. I want to go to bed satisfied by your side and wake up excited about a new day with you.

I want to see natural landmarks and mountains. I want to spend weeks camping in tents in National Parks and living off the land. I want to be lost in beauty of the earth and be reminded everyday how amazing it is. I want to lose part of ourselves in every place we fall in love with. Life should be spent adventuring and all I want is to spend a lifetime adventuring with someone by my side.

Let’s escape and go get lost together. 
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