15 People Detail The Crazy Sexual Fantasy They’re Afraid To Share With Their Significant Other


1. “I definitely want to watch my girlfriend have lesbian sex with another hot woman. I want to watch another woman make her moan and sweat, there is just something so hot about the fantasy of that. Her gripping the bed sheets and getting off by another woman.” – Danny, 25

2. “I’ve always had kind of a rape fantasy with my boyfriend, but I don’t think I could ever actually say that to him. But I want him to dominate me, take complete control and just have all of me in whatever way he wants.” – Amanda, 23

3. “Being filmed would be amazing, but my girlfriend would be completely against it. I want to do the whole corny porn intro scene and everything. We wouldn’t have to share it with anyone, I just would love it.” – Tim, 27

4. “I’ve always wanted to have crazy office sex, like not give a fuck after hours office sex. The kind where she walks in and slowly starts unbuttoning her top or drops her dress. I want to actually throw everything off my desk and slam her on top of it. I want it to be in an office with big glass windows just because. Watching scenes like that in movies instantly starts making me hard, it’s so hot and risky.” – Devin, 29

5. “I want to be having sex with my boyfriend and have one or two of our friends walk in unexpectedly, but instead of turning and running out of the door join in on the fun. It’s always something I’ve fantasied about, but it would have to be totally unplanned.” – Sara, 24

6. “I might be watching too much porn, but I’ve always fantasied about having someone show up at my door in a slutty little teacher outfit or maid uniform and just want me to completely destroy their pussy.” – Tyler, 23

7. “Always wanted to buy my girlfriend a stripper pole and have her strip and pole dance for me, put on her own little show for just my eyes to see.” – Jeff, 28

8. “I’ve always wanted to ditch my boyfriend and have sex with other women, at least give it a try. I always masturbate to girl on girl porn and I’ve always been curious to try it out.” – Ivy, 26

9. “Weird, but I’ve always wanted to urinate on my partner. I’ve never done it or known of anyone to do it but it’s something that’s always lingered in my mind. Maybe in the shower or something, but I know it would freak my girl out so I’ll probably never ask.” – Jackson, 25

10. “I want to be fighting with my girlfriend in public like a side street or something when we’re both angry and just have steamy make up sex on the street. On top of the car hood or when she’s bent over would be such a turn on.” – Marc, 23

11. “I’ve always wanted to use a strap on. I just want to know what that power feels like to penetrate someone and have that control. My boyfriend would never, ever be down for that, but I think it would almost be a turn on to have him feeling so vulnerable.” – Carmen, 29

12. “I want to watch each other masturbate, never actually being allowed to touch each other, but just watch each other touch ourselves. There is something so tempting and it would be so a turn on to watch each other cum.” – Sam, 24

13. “I know this probably isn’t possible, but I want to go to a strip club with my girl and have them pull her on stage and start dancing with her. I want to go in the back to a shower room and watch them bathe each other before then get pulled in with them to just have amazing, crazy, wild sex.” – Paul, 25

14. “I want to have crazy European sex, it’s one of those things you hear about and wonder what it’s actually like. Sometimes when I’m in a rough patch with my BF I just think about packing a bag and flying to Europe and doing something wild and so out of character of me. I want to go to a sex club or get tied up or anything really kinky and new.” – Rachael, 27

15. “Sex parties. I’ve always wanted to go with my boyfriend. I want to go and trade partners and test out the whole swing thing. I’m not too sure what they’re all about, but I’m interested in learning. Or even just meet up with other couples and have a group orgy.” – Kim, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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