10 Ways Life Gets Better When You Kiss The Toxic People Goodbye


Being around toxic people can drastically affect who you are as a person and your overall mood.

Cutting people out of your life can be very difficult, it can blow up in your face and it can cause a lot of problems, but ultimately it will be for the best.

Toxic people drain you; they cause you to feel ways you hate feeling. Their toxic mindset is contagious, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Sometimes the only way to ensure self-improvement and instill positivity back in your life is to cut out all the people who bring you nothing but bad vibes.

1. You’ll have less drama in your life.

So much less drama. It’s amazing how the names of people you never wanted to hear again become names you never actually have to hear again. You don’t have to listen to the toxic people complain about who did what and how she liked his Instagram picture and all the other pointless drama you don’t care about. You don’t have to hear about the dirty look they were given and how this person called them a bitch. You don’t have to listen to any of that anymore and it’s simply amazing.

2. Let the gossip be minimal to none.

You don’t have to listen to anyone constantly talking shit about everyone they know. You rid out the negative, yet constant, bitching and your world will feel a whole lot better and happier. No more watching them be two-faced or back stabbing; once you kiss the toxic people goodbye, you also kiss the gossip goodbye.

3. You feel like an all around happier person.

You don’t feel like you’re constantly being judged by your superficial, judgmental, bitch of a friend. You feel like you’ve been released from the mental chains that have been weighing you down and you can experience life in new, unclouded, positive ways.

4. You don’t dread being around people anymore.

It would get to the point where you’d dread going out and being around people, especially the toxic friend, because you didn’t want to hear everyone bitch about her or hear her bitch about them. It was an endless cycle of negativity being around them in public because everyone hates them and they hate everyone.

5. Negativity doesn’t follow you around anymore.

The dark cloud you felt hanging around you head has finally disappeared and was replaced with sunshine and fluffy white clouds. You can be happy about things and not have someone pestering in your ear about all the things that could have been better or if it were done their way it would have been more effective.

6. You get annoyed less easily.

You don’t dread the thought of doing something because you know your toxic friend will be around. You don’t go some place and already start bitching about everything that they do that annoys you. Your mind stays clear and you can focus on all the good going on around you and forget about the annoying little things that used to eat you up on the inside.

7. You won’t feel so drained.

Toxic people take and take and take without ever thinking of giving. They are way too concerned with themselves and their own needs that they have zero interest in anything that benefits others because they’re too worried about themselves.

8. Your life is filled with more honesty.

Toxic people always like to be right, even when they are clearly wrong. They will twist things and spin it around on you, somehow making it your fault. They will lie their way out of things and that isn’t something you want to be part of. Their lies will start to pull you down with them and that’s the last thing you want.

9. There will be no more victims in your friend group.

Toxic people love, love, love to play the victim in every situation. They always feel like the world owes them something and that they deserve everything, while they never take responsibility for their actions. You’re constantly bombarded with excuses and complaints that are only making you more bitter towards them. By removing them your life will seem more meaningful and wholesome. You will feel significant amounts of self-improvement with them not around to drain you.

10. You stop becoming toxic yourself!

Without even realizing it being around someone who is toxic usually can make you toxic as well, especially if you’re known to sync to other people emotions. If they drive you crazy then you start bitching about them too, you’re also becoming toxic. You become irritable and miserable because they are around and that in fact makes you miserable to be around, too. They might be the toxic friend from the start, but that doesn’t mean by you being around them that they are the only one who’s toxic because you can very easily pick up the toxic vibes from them as well.

Don’t let the toxic people in your life influence you to become toxic as well. Kiss the toxic people goodbye before it’s too late! Adios amigos, see you never! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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