Thank You For Loving The Broken Girl


It wasn’t your fault
you walked into such a love
with so many battle wounds.

He walked away
after he kicked her to the ground
when she was down.
She was the girl who loved him
with honesty and a kind heart,
but he broke her.

He started a fire
and left her inside to burn,
but then you came
and you saved her
just in time.

You took the time to fix her smile,
her sweet smile
that he took away for so long.
You took the time to love her
through the war she was fighting within
from him
and you didn’t stop aiding to her wounds.
You battled through every time she needed you.

She wondered what she did to deserve you.
All see saw in herself was a damaged,
messy heart with a fragile touch.
But you inhaled her flaws
and you made them part of everything
you loved about her.

You took in her past,
her pain,
and the little pieces of her heart
to try to make them whole

You were patient
and you were kind
when he was not.

You were strong for her
when she needed someone
to be strong.

You stood tough
when the hurricane winds
came roaring over the shore.

You stayed
when she thought you’d leave
and you learned to love
all the dents and cracks
that make her inevitably
who she is.

You stayed
when she gave you nearly every reason
to leave.

You made the broken girl
feel herself again,
you put the puzzle pieces back together
day by day
and you made her feel love again
just when she thought
she was unlovable.

Thank you
for loving the broken girl,
in the most delicate
and honest way
possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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