I Tailed My Bestie On Her Very First Tinder Date And It Was As Awkward (For Me) As You’d Think


When it comes to dating, I’m unbelievably awkward. I don’t go up and talk to guys at bars because it feels weird to me. I don’t think I know how to flirt so I just don’t try. I’m basically the world’s biggest friend-zoner, but since I moved to a new area I figured why not finally download Tinder. My friend decided it was a good idea, too.

We figured it wouldn’t hurt and maybe we’d make some guy friends from it or maybe something more, but we weren’t holding our breath. Even though on the way to the airport my mom told me her only request when I moved to Australia was to not fall in love so that I’ll come back to the states (LOL, don’t worry mom still single).

Since I’ve had zero luck, at least my friend has had some. She had someone ask her to meet for coffee. It seemed harmless and we got the app for a reason, so she figured why not? Since this was her first Tinder date, she begged me to come incase the date took a turn for the worst, so I obviously agreed.

She texted me the morning of her date when she was ready for me to pick her up to go to the café. I don’t know why, but I had more anxiety over the going than she did. I soon as I got in the car I started thinking of all the possibilities of things that could go wrong.

What if he saw me in one of her pictures? What if he saw us pull up together? What if he saw me staring at them or I looked at her and laughed? What if he was creepy? Basically I was preparing for the worst.

We pulled up to the café and I parked a bit down the street so hopefully he wouldn’t see us. My friend went in first and I sat outside waiting. She messaged me that she couldn’t find him in there and I started panicking, yet again, that something was going to go wrong because he told her he was there.

After a few minutes of unanswered texts I just decided to go in, but of course every table inside was taken. I had to sit outside, which wasn’t a big deal except that it was absolutely freezing out. Regardless, I opened my laptop and promptly started to pretend work while I spied.

Every time someone walked out the door I perked up my eyes and ears to see if it was them, but an hour passed and she was still inside.

Soon enough, it started sprinkling, and then I was caught in a total downpour.

I ran inside, towards the one tiny open table available. Sitting there, I was positioned approximately five feet from my friend and her date, staring directly at them.

But they barely even registered that I was there because they were that engrossed in conversation! It was all so shockingly normal.

Another hour passed before they finished up talking and headed towards the door. I watched as they walked, hand in hand, towards the parking lot, and then hugged good-bye.

A few seconds later I received a text telling me to meet my friend at the car.

Sure enough, she’d had a good time with a good guy. It wasn’t at all awkward like I thought it might be and the dude definitely wasn’t a serial killer. So maybe there’s hope after all! Dating might just be a whole lot less interesting (and intimidating) than I thought. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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