20 Things Only People Who Literally Live For Coffee Understand


1. First are foremost, it’s the best part of waking up. You love knowing that when you open your eyes in the morning that you get to start your morning routine over. Which essentially means coffee.

2. You LOVE the smell of coffee because really what is better than the smell of freshly ground coffee beans or the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Nothing. The smell makes you feel awake and happy before you even take a sip.

3. You are so happy iced coffee exists because you can chug it in approximately 30 seconds. It’s so perfect for hot summer days when you can’t be bothered to drink an equally hot liquid first thing in the morning.

4. You really don’t understand why decaf coffee is a thing. What good is coffee if it doesn’t wake you up in the morning and help you get ready to tackle the day?

5. You know where every coffee shop within a 15-mile radius is located. Incase you roll out of bed late and don’t have time to make your own at home you can still find good coffee in any direction you’re heading.

6. Every time you go to a store and see mugs you feel like you have to buy a new one. While, of course, you already have a favorite mug you still always want to add more to your collection.

7. Weekends where you can lay in bed with your cup of coffee and relax is your idea of perfect.

8. You couldn’t function without coffee. It’s like coffee runs through your veins and keeps you a productive member of society. Without coffee you’d basically be no where.

9. You’re serious when you say no one should talk to you before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee because without it you’re just groggy and no one should have to experience you that way.

10. You don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘too much coffee.’ If you have your morning cup at home and your friend asks you to go get a cup, you absolutely accept the offer to get another cup.

11. You actually know what good coffee is, and you’re proud of it. You can’t stand drinking coffee that tastes like dark flavored shit water.

12. It’s always a bonus when you have the occasional treat with your coffee because who doesn’t love donuts or biscotti on the side?

13. You prefer the term “in love” over “addicted” when people refer to your relationship with coffee because you could stop, but true love never dies.

14. You’ve become a regular at your local coffee shops, the baristas don’t usually have to ask you what you want because they already know what your favorite thing on the menu is.

15. While you do have a favorite cup off coffee at your favorite cafes you’re never opposed to trying new flavors or blends that are recommended to you because you love all coffee equally.

16. You don’t understand how people don’t like the smell or taste of coffee because it’s just about the greatest thing in the world.

17. If someone asks you out on a date to get coffee you’re instantly excited. It’s like you just hit the jackpot of potential dates. A guy who drinks coffee is a good guy in your book, especially if that’s the way he wants to spend his first date.

18. No candles, air fresheners or any other items that people try to create with the smell of coffee will ever be as good as the real thing (even though you still buy the coffee scented candle for your living room).

19. You love coffee in every edible form, especially coffee ice cream. Because just like iced coffee, coffee ice cream is ideal for the perfect summer day.

20. Coffee is the one thing that you’ll never get sick of. After drinking multiple cups everyday for years it has never let you down and you have never gotten sick of it. Coffee has officially won your heart over forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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