12 Ways To Enjoy A ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship (Without Ever Getting Attached)

12 Ways To Enjoy A ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship (Without Ever Getting Attached)

3. Your FWB shouldn’t be involved in your social life.

He should only be there when you need him, sexually. Don’t invite him over to dinner with your roommates, don’t make plans with him on a Tuesday afternoon. FWB are meant to be in your life for a short period of time, don’t extend the invite and bring them into your social life because then you start making memories and it’s easier for feelings to start developing.

4. Don’t show pictures or messages from your FWB to your friends.

You don’t want your friends to start saying things like, “aw, he’s so cute.” No, that’s not what you want to hear because even if you think so yourself it makes it worse when they start asking questions and giving you their input on him and the situation. Keep the relationships as distant as possible.

5. Only have sex with your FWB.

Keep your relationship to the bedroom, or the car, or wherever it is you hook up. Don’t think you should switch it up and go get dinner, that’s a bad idea. You honestly want to know as little about them as possible to keep the emotional level of your relationship to a minimum. Keep it purely physical.


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