101 Tiny Victories You Get To Experience Every Single Day


1. Making someone smile

2. A compliment from a stranger

3. Singing along to the radio

4. Walking outside after being inside all day

5. Seeing an old couple holding hands

6. Seeing someone walking their dog

7. Someone holding the door open for you

8. The sun rising ever morning

9. A stranger thanking you for holding the door open for them

10. Hitting green lights on your way home from work

11. Being surrounded by people you love

12. Getting into bed at the end of the day

13. The first sip of morning coffee

14. Parking perfectly on the first try

15. Effortless conversations

16. Having someone agree with you

17. Seeing adorable pictures of animals on the Internet

18. Hearing your favorite song on the radio

19. A hot shower

20. Laughing so hard you cry

21. Songs that bring back memories

22. Driving on an empty road

23. Having a good hair day

24. Seeing someone let out a laugh after they’ve been crying

25. Eating breakfast in the morning

26. Receiving texts from friends

27. Fitting your tweet in perfectly under 140 characters

28. Receiving a smile from a stranger

29. Getting mail that isn’t a bill

30. Receiving a nice email that makes you feel appreciated

31. The feeling of your skin after you wash your face

32. Feeling supported

33. Feeling sunshine on your skin

34. Feeling loved

35. Getting an instant reply

36. Dancing in your car as you drive with your friends

37. Meeting someone new that instantly puts you in a good mood

38. Someone telling you they missed you

39. Putting on your pajamas

40. Feeling included

41. Having time to yourself

42. A comfortable silence

43. When you finally remember what you forgot

44. Finally getting to go to the bathroom after holding it

45. Singing in the shower

46. Talking to someone who you could carry on a never-ending conversation with

47. Accomplishing something you thought would be impossible

48. When your plans work out the way you hope

49. When your plans don’t work out, but you still have fun

50. The smell of fresh food in the air

51. Being in a great mood for no particular reason

52. Waking up before your alarm and being able to go back to sleep

53. Dancing to your favorite song

54. The freshness you feel after brushing your teeth

55. Drinking water when you’re really thirsty

56. The first bite into food when you’ve been starving

57. Finding a parking spot

58. Watching someone’s facial expressions as they read

59. Taking your bra off at the end of the day

60. Fresh air

61. Finishing a project just in time

62. Seeing the moon at night

63. Feeling fresh after a shower

64. Making someone laugh

65. Not feeling tired when you wake up

66. Being inspired

67. Being asked how your day was

68. Seeing happy couples in public

69. Seeing the sun come out from behind the clouds

70. Not being able to finish a story because you’re laughing so hard

71. Crossing things off your to-do list

72. Remembering where you parked your car

73. A good stretch

74. Hugs

75. Hearing a soda or beer can open

76. When your horoscope is accurate

77. Someone having a piece of gum for you when you ask

78. Opening a jar by yourself

79. Realizing you have fewer things to do than you thought

80. Sitting on the couch after a long day

81. Getting invited somewhere

82. Hearing a song for the first time

83. Hearing the waves crash against the shore

84. Your pet’s excitement when you come home

85. Perfectly cooked food

86. Seeing city lights at night

87. Someone wanting to share an interesting story with you

88. Having exact change

89. Typing without making mistakes

90. When someone remembers your usual

91. When everyone around you is in a good mood

92. Seeing a dogs happiness as he sticks his out of the car window

93. Watching someone smile at their phone

94. The anticipation of looking forward to something

95. Being able to effectively put your thoughts into words

96. Having paper and a pen when you want to write something down

97. Relaxing, in any way that makes you happy

98. Receiving good advice

99. When your pet puts their head on your lap

100. Free Wi-Fi

101. Having just enough battery in your phone until you get a charger Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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