10 Excuses Guys Always Make When They Cum Too Quickly


Lets face it; sex can turn from hot and steamy to uncomfortably awkward in a matter of minutes, or seconds. Premature ejaculation is a real thing and if I had to make an educated guess, I’d say most women have been with a man that has came very quickly at one time or another.

It’s a dreaded feeling we all know too well, from personal experiences to stories we’ve heard from our friends. Either way, it can be extremely uncomfortable for both of you.

You can’t really tell him it’s okay because that is emasculating and you don’t want to make him feel any worse than he already does. So, we do what we all do best and we just don’t talk about it. Shattering his self-confidence was not something on your to-do list for the day.

Even though the reality of it is that it isn’t really that big of a deal. It happens and women are aware of it, but that doesn’t stop the excuses that come out of guy’s mouths afterwards.

Whether it was your first time hooking up with someone or you’re at the start of your relationship it doesn’t matter because it can happen just as much to a couple who has been dating a while. Premature ejaculation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but men might always see it as so.


1. Good thing that was just practice.

“I’ve had a guy say to me that he was just practicing, or warming up. He came I’d say about 30 seconds after we started having sex. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was actually rather uncomfortable for the both of us because we just started hooking up. We went at it again though and round two was much more enjoyable.” — Hayley, 24

2. That’s never happened before.

“He told me that’s never happened before. I definitely don’t believe him though because we just kind of stopped and cuddled with the bed soaking wet. It was gross, but then we showered in the morning together and the same thing happened. So uncomfortable.” — Sarah, 26

3. That’s embarrassing.

“He kind of just looked at me and told me he was embarrassed that it happened, I told him it was fine, but that definitely didn’t help his self-esteem.” — Bridgette, 28

4. Well, I suck.

“It happened a few times with my ex, but every time he would just say he sucked. We were dating, so it shouldn’t have been awkward, but it was because he would blame himself. We’d just get up and put our clothes on after and never talked about it.” — Mackenzie, 23

5. Ready for round two?

“I know it happens, it’s happened to a couple of the guys I’ve been with, but the most memorable one was when the guy came and then looked at me and told me to get ready to go for round two. He didn’t act embarrassed, it happened and he just took control by keeping things intense and hot.” — Beth, 30

6. Just keep going.

“I was dating this guy and he would cum rather quickly depending on how intense our foreplay was. If he came after the first couple minutes he’d just pull the condom off and go back at it. He wouldn’t stop or be uncomfortable about it, he just kept going.” — Brit, 27

7. It’s a medical thing.

“I dated a guy where it was an actual medical thing. He was CLEARLY insecure about it even though it didn’t bother me as much as the fact he wouldn’t talk about it. But I will say – he made up for it by going down on me for actual days.” — Jane, 27

8. It’s your turn. 

“I used to hook up this guy a lot and he would alway cum in foreplay so he could last a lot longer when we were having sex. It was actually a brilliant plan, especially because he would go down on me and take care of me while he was getting hard again. Our sex was amazing.” — Jen, 24

9. She was just too good.

“I was actually told I was too good that he couldn’t help himself but cum fast. I just took it as a compliment and didn’t let it bother him or me. We kept hooking up and hanging out, now we’re dating and he’s really built up his stamina now. Sometimes a little practice and communication is all it takes.” — Kyla, 26

10. It’s been a while.

“The most classic excuse in the book, I’ve heard several guys I hooked up with use that line. While it’s fine and they probably are being honest, it’s still some what humorous now to me. But it’s always nice to know you’re hooking up with someone who didn’t just fuck another girl right before you.” — Rylie, 27 TC mark


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    This happens to guys more than we like to admit. How you handle it and good communication are key to handling the situation. When it happens to me, the wife and I just cuddle, making out until I get my second wind. If the guy makes a big deal out out of it, he needs to relax. It’s not nice if the lady makes fun of the guy, and face it guys can be rather delicate in such matters. Treat your guy kindly ladies.

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