You Have To Let Go Of Heartbreak If You Want To Find Love

Azrul Aziz

I know you’re hurting and you’re holding on to the past. I know you’re clinging to his memory and waiting for him to realize he can’t live without you. I know you’re hoping he will come back and tell you everything will be okay.

And I wish this were one of those articles where I tell you he will, where I can promise you’ll be together again, but I can’t because life isn’t fair and heartbreak sucks.

What I can tell you though, is the brutal honest truth, which is that he will probably move on without you, he will find a new love, a new hand to hold and a new girl to make memories with. He will be sad, frustrated and upset in the beginning. He will feel the depths of emotion that you feel, but he will move on, just like you need to do, too.

He will not cling to the past and what could have been. He will not linger by his phone hoping you call, he will not tell everyone in his life about his heartbreak, he will pick himself up and glue back the broken parts. He will not wait around; he will find peace in something new or something old and familiar.

I know you said a thousand times over and over that you couldn’t imagine your life without him. I know you thought he was going to be the one you’d spend forever with. I know you can’t accept that for whatever reason it may be, that your forever ended before you were ready.

As hard as it is to accept a future without him, you have to. You have to for your own good because living in the past won’t help you with the future.

But if I can promise you anything it is that you will find new love, but first you must let go of him. You must stop comparing him to every person you meet. You need to stop denying everyone who offers you a compliment or to take you out because you think you’re still waiting for him. He is gone and that is something you must accept.

There will be someone else who comes along, someone better who loves you whole-heartedly and unapologetically.

It will surprise you because you won’t expect it, but love cannot be expected. Love works in its own special way. It will come out of nowhere, when you’ve appreciated being on your own and when you’ve healed yourself.

He will start putting a smile back on your face, he will start making you laugh and he will stop making you think about the one who broke your heart completely because the thing about anything broken is it can usually be fixed. When you break your arm they don’t throw it away and give you a new one, they care for it, treat it and love it, and it gets better. Your heart will do the same, as long as you care for it.

I know right now you’re probably having a difficult time. I know your heart hurts and you don’t know if you’ll ever be okay again, but you will. You will be happy again, on your own and then with someone new because your heartbreak will always heal.

So for now, pick up the pieces you’ve been displaying all over the floor. Glue them back together and fall in love with life. Take pride in yourself and moving on, then before you know it, everything else will fall into place because you will be just fine without him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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