You Get To Write Your Own Love Story

Alice Donovan Rouse

No two stories are the same.

Maybe you had an instant connection, he had you from hello. Maybe it took longer, maybe it took him asking you five times to go on a date before you said yes. Maybe your love started as a friendship and developed into something more. Maybe you started off as friends with benefits, but it turned into love.

The possibilities are endless because everyone has their own story.

Don’t base your expectation off of your friend’s relationship; don’t set unrealistic standards in your head of how you want things to work out. Don’t draw out the perfect man in your head and be disappointed in everyone who comes your way that doesn’t meet those specific requirements. Often times that person doesn’t exist and while your busy searching for the perfect guy the right guy could be right in front of you.

Open your heart to love. Love every person you come across. You can love anyone you want because love has no rules. Your heart wants what your heart wants, as cliché as it is; it’s also something beautiful. Love can blossom out of the most simplistic or strangest relationships because you don’t get to choose who you love, but you get to choose how you love them.

You get to decide how you want to romance each other, entertain each other and how you live your life together. You can choose where to live, how to live, what to do with your lives.

You can sell everything you own and travel the world. You can buy a camper and constantly move around from place to place. You can spend your years backpacking and exploring everything the world has to offer together. You can go on adventure after adventure and spend your life making memories and not spend money on a home because to you maybe that isn’t important.

You can settle down together and put down roots. You can save your money and buy a home together, or build one. You can live in a big home in the country or live in a little city apartment building. You can settle down wherever and however you want. You can decide to start a family or focus on your careers. You can get a dog, or six, and spend your free time walking them and loving them.

The possibilities of your life together are endless because you can write your own love story. You can choose how you want to live. How you want to experience life. You can discover your own happiness.

Don’t listen to others tell you what to do, don’t listen to anyone tell you how to live out your love story. If you don’t want to get married, don’t. If you know you’ve found the perfect person you can’t live without them get married, move in with them as fast or as slow as you want!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have and feel true love because to find someone you wake up next to every day and truly love with every fiber in you is rare, but it’s possible.

Find your person and live out your fairytale. Do whatever makes you happy because in the end when the outside noises and factors fade all you will have is each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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