Why Your BFF Is The Only Soulmate You’ll Ever Need

Greg Raines

My best friend always told me that she believes our best friends are our soulmates, and guys are just people we have fun with, she probably got the idea from Carrie Bradshaw, but either way they are both right. As guys come and go from our lives our best friends never leave and as life goes on I believe it to be true more and more everyday.

Your soulmate doesn’t always have to come the form of romance. Sometimes you just find one heart that you connect with. It’s a little bit of serendipity, stumbling along something so wonderful without even looking for it. That’s how the best relationships are formed.

The feeling is like no other and you know you have found someone special. There is an immediate connection and you know your life has forever been changed because your paths crossed.

You can come across several soulmates in your life. Your soul does not limit you to aligning with others like you, others who feel like home to you. The people who you don’t have to put in much effort with but just naturally click, those are the relationships you know will last a lifetime no matter how far life takes you apart.

Your best friends easily make the best soulmates because she allows you to live your life without restricting you because you do the same for her. You understand that even though you have a magical connection that you still most likely will lead different lives, but in the end you will always keep in touch and plan visits no matter how far apart you are in the world.

Your BFF won’t judge you when she’s seen you cry over the same guy time and time again because she knows how your heart is and how you try to see the best in him. She gives you the best advice, even though sometimes you have a hard time taking it but you know she’s doing it for your best interest.

She doesn’t judge you ever for that matter, because she has seen you at your best and your worst. She has seen you when you’ve had a few too many to drink and your hanging over the toilet yelling about all the things that makes you angry and break your heart, but she will also always still be there for you in the morning to bring you water and Advil.

She’s seen you when you’re on top of the world and she’s always by your side cheering you on. She’s never doing it out of spite or because she’s trying to gain something by being by your side, she’s doing it because she generally cares about you. That’s the kind of relationship you need, the kind of souls you want surrounding you. Those are the souls you want near you because they care and want to be there, not those who are looking for personal gain from you.

Your BFF soulmate is always there, she’s the person you can count on to tell your deepest secrets to and know they will be safe with her. She is the person you can call after you’ve had a long day and need a drink. She is the person you can laugh for hours on end over things that aren’t that funny. She becomes your person, your other half.

The person who will never leave you, the person who will always love you, the person who will indefinitely be there no matter how far away you are. She won’t forget about you, she won’t replace you and she won’t tell you she’s found someone better because she is your indefinite soulmate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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