Why The Idea Of Behaving Like A ‘Lady’ Makes Me Want To Projectile Vomit

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

I’m sick of acting like a lady while men are acting like pigs. Now before I even get into my argument here, NOT ALL men are disgusting creatures that should rot in hell for their acts, but some are and those are the ones I’m talking about.

I’m so sick of hearing about what women wear to the bar. Newsflash, they can wear whatever the hell they want to wear and if they choose to wear a mini skirt that’s not a free invitation for you to shove your fingers up her skirt. Just like if she’s wearing a low cut shirt it is not an invitation for you to come rub your face in her tits. If she’s wearing heels that doesn’t mean she’s looking for someone to go home with, and if you think her outfit says otherwise I’d love to see her shove her heel up your ass for being such a sleaze.

Do not ever attempt to make an argument that she was asking for it by her outfit because that is painfully pathetic and completely deranged. If a girl wants you she will make it known. Do not come near her, do not touch her and do not get aggressive with her if she says no. Because she probably will and when she does, you just need to take your rejection and walk away.

Before I can even remember I was always told to watch my drink when I go to bars or parties. I was told to never leave my drink unattended, never accept drinks from strangers, to always place my hand over the top and to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary or fizzy. I was taught those things long before I even started going to the bar because it’s such a big deal. I’m glad I was warned of those dangers, I know everyone who told me was just trying to watch out for me and keep my best interest at heart.

But the fact I’ve heard those things my whole life is utter and complete bullshit because as many times as I’ve heard that I’ve never heard a single ad or commercial or read a pamphlet on men not drugging women. I wish I could say the same about the reverse, but I’ve heard it, seen it, watched it and read it for women being drugged by men and date rapped. That is not OK.

I’m sick of trying to be a lady, trying to be proper and have etiquette because honestly I’m not very good at those things. I’ve got a mouth like a sailor, I write articles about sex, I don’t dress appropriately and I’m happy that way.

Don’t tell me to watch my drink, teach men not to be such scumbags that they have to drug a woman to have sex with her because honestly that makes you pathetic more than anything.

Don’t teach me to fear the dark and be afraid to do things alone, but congrats world you did teach me that and it worked. Just yesterday I was out walking and a man was in his car slowly driving next to me in the daylight, but I was still scared. I was thinking, why is this man driving slowly next to me? What is he doing? Why is he staring at me? Fuck. Fuck. Get out your phone just in case.

Nothing happened, it was daytime, but I was still alone and I was still panicked.

I know all men aren’t out to abduct and rape girls, but there are still plenty in the world who are, and because of that we are taught not to trust any men we don’t know.

We send our friends on first dates with us to hide in the corner, we carry pepper spray and pocket knifes. We are on high alter all the time because when we turn on the news there was another story of a young woman getting abducted, getting date rapped, getting murdered when she was walking home alone. We see the missing persons wall filled with people from decades ago who have still not been found.

I’m sick of acting like a lady, I’m sick of living in fear because it isn’t fair that women have to constantly keep their guards up. So instead of trying to teach me to how to act like a lady, teach men to stop being the sleazy dirt under our high heels.

Teach them that no matter what a woman is wearing it is not an open invitation to have sex with her. Teach them that no matter how many times she says NO it doesn’t make it OK to drug her because that is NEVER OK. Teach them that a girl walking home alone in the dark is not an open invitation to ruin her fucking life by being a creep or abducting her.

When ALL men start leaving women alone and stop acting like fucking jackasses, then maybe I’ll start acting like a lady. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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